Updating The Ugly Days Ahead

Good evening, gang. Some very ugly weather is on the way in the coming days as a couple of systems target the bluegrass state. Overall, I have no changes in the upcoming pattern.

As you know, our late week system is partially coming from the remnants of a Pacific Hurricane. Clouds are already streaming out ahead of this and into our region. Those clouds will continue to thicken up on Thursday with rain arriving late evening into the overnight.  Rain then carries us through Friday night…

 That setup would be a major snowstorm around here in the winter months, but it’s only October and that means some pretty good rains…

Temps on Friday are very chilly and likely stay in the 40s for much of the region.

Leftover showers linger into Saturday with a mix of sun and clouds trying to take over into the afternoon. Temps are still chilly with upper 40s to mid 50s across the Commonwealth.

The next system looks just as ugly as it moves in from the northwest for Sunday and Monday. I like how the Canadian is handling this system and the nor’easter in front of it…

Temps look even colder during this time. Once again, if you see this setup later in November, it’s bringing snow to us.

The stage is set for another huge amplification of the jet stream late next week into the following weekend…

That one could bring some interesting weather to our part of the world. Hmmm

Enjoy the rest of your day and take care.

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2 Responses to Updating The Ugly Days Ahead

  1. Stormtracker_WV says:

    OMG Chris! I LOVE the new set-up of your blog page! It’s not crashing & I can see the whole page on my cell phone screen without turning it “landscape” (sideways) or “shrinking” the size down…and it loads soooo much faster too! Great job, friend! Thank you so much for ALL that you do for us Weather Weenies 🙂

  2. John-Austin says:

    Looks like some potentially fun times ahead! I hope this is a sign of things to come this winter.

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