Severe Threat Late Today Into Tonight

Good Monday, everyone. Severe weather is likely to strike the bluegrass state later today through early Election Day Tuesday. This could cause issues for our region, especially from the high winds I’m expecting from the Ohio Valley into parts of the deep south.

In addition to the high winds, tornadoes, large hail and flash flooding are all possible as the storms race eastward. The action starts in western Kentucky by early evening then moves quickly toward central Kentucky by late evening into the wee hours, then into eastern Kentucky before daybreak. Power outages are possible and that may impact some polling places.

Here’s the latest from the Storm Prediction Center for today…

Here are your radars to track the development of the action to our west and southwest…

The storms will quickly move east early Tuesday, with gusty winds and falling temps. A shower or two may be leftover.

Much colder air continues to sink in as another system develops and rolls our way by late Thursday and Friday. This one is likely a rain maker on the front end, with the chance for some wraparound flakes possible as temps tank…

New version of the GFS

The Canadian is a little colder…

This is some really cold air for this time of year, and it’s not one and done. The next system has more potential by  early next week…

Overall, these are arctic shots moving in here over the next two weeks with the increasing potential for the first flakes and first accumulating snow…

I will have another update later today and will be all over WKYT-TV as the severe weather moves in. Enjoy your day and take care.

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11 Responses to Severe Threat Late Today Into Tonight

  1. Lori says:

    Thanks Chris for the updates. November could be a very interesting month!
    When will your Winter outlook/forecast be posted? Considering some are saying wet/mild and others are saying cold/snowy, can’t wait for you to weigh in.

  2. Lucy says:

    I just read the words “flakes” and “snow”. Itis that time once again! Hooray!

  3. Virgil E. says:

    Looks like the SPC has diminished the severe threat for Kentucky for the Day 1.

    • feederband says:

      Dew point forecasts were too low yesterday afternoon. Cloud cover and timing downplayed the scenario. Figured they would change it. Hope we get some thunder and lightening.

  4. Ashlie.LOU says:

    Thanks for the updates CB. Hoping things don’t get too crazy through the night.

  5. Terry says:

    I figured we might at least get a wind advisory but nothing yet. Oh well, we know wind threat will be the main player!

  6. Virgil E says:

    Chris Bailey isn’t backing down from his forecast. What are the chances we see the jacket come off and the sleeves rolled up?

  7. PattyVersailles says:

    Remember when “first flakes” brought hundreds of comments on this page? Good times!

    • Debbie says:

      Hi, Patty! Nice to see you again! Yes-so much fun during the Winter season. Even though I’m in Bardstown, everyone always made me feel welcomed here. I was just thinking the other day of you, Marsha,Vinny, Mitch,Crystal, MJ, ROLO!!!!, i.e. others that kept this blog rollin’! We may have given one another good-natured ribbing, but we always had fun with it?! It’s a shame that,now,all we have to look forward to are posts by a few that apparently have a narcissistic view of themselves who have never excelled at much beyond ridiculing and berating others for who they are and their opinions.
      But that’s OK. Looking forward to those first flakes!

  8. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. This is one time when I hope your forecast is a bit wrong. In other words, I hope it doesn’t get too severe tonight. Now, as far as the first flakes of snow being possible later this week? 😀 Wecwill be wstching you this evening because we know you will keep us informed! Have a great afternoon everyone. Stay safe

  9. SHAAK says:

    Big ole bust.

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