Winter Weather Chances Show Up

Good Wednesday to one and all. Even though it’s only early November, Old Man Winter is trying to show up a little early to the party. A very cold pattern is unfolding for the eastern half of the country and this includes the bluegrass state. In addition to the cold setup, the chances for snow will be on the increase. The first flakes may even show up by Friday night in some areas.

As we wait on winter, we have a fast-mover crossing the state today bringing a shower or two with it. Not everyone sees rain and what falls will be pretty light. Here’s regional radar…

The next system will throw clouds our way on Thursday as low pressure develops to our southwest. A cold rain arrives Thursday night and early Friday as the low moves into the Appalachian Mountains. As the low moves to our northeast, much colder air swings in from the northwest. That flow will give us the chance for a few snowflakes by Friday night…

Here’s the area the GFS thinks has the best show of seeing flakes through Saturday…

That’s a very cold northwest wind kicking in late Friday into Saturday. Check out the frigid wind chill potential by Saturday morning…

The setup early next week is has much more of a snow and winter weather potential around here. Arctic air dives down the plains states with low pressure developing in the deep south. That storm could then run up the east coast, bringing widespread snow to the west of the track. Where that happens remains to be seen, but we are in the game for that chance.



This is a fascinating early season winter storm system and it could make things a little interesting around here. Winter fun and games are already starting on the blog. Does that make anyone else happy? 🙂

I will have updates later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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11 Responses to Winter Weather Chances Show Up

  1. Terry says:

    It makes me happy!

  2. Farmer43 says:

    It would make me happy but this wet fall we’ve had the farmer has absolutely struggled to get the crops in out of the field I still have 400 acresof soybeans standing in the field I know I picked an occupation that deals with Mother Nature everyday but sometimes it sure stinks I love snow but the last thing me or any other farmers need now is a big snow the rain is bad enough the snow would ruin my soybeans and a lot of other farmers across state

  3. Matt says:

    Sure need something to make me happy after that disaster last night..

  4. snowrunner says:

    Have I missed the Bold Prediction???

  5. Mike S says:

    Countdown is on…Lexington only needs 2.78″ to at least tie their all-time wettest year ever.

    After this week, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a good chance of below normal precipitation for the next 2 weeks, probably a result of persistent northwest flow cutting off any lasting Gulf of Mexico moisture entering our region.

  6. MarkLex says:

    KLEX annual precip so for 63.57. Already WELL in the top 10 wettest years since recordings began…..but only just over 2 and a half inches is needed by end of the year to be the top wettest year of all time. Moreover, of the top ten wettest years EVER, including this one, six of them have happened since 1997

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