Saturday Evening Update

Good evening, folks. We are rolling through  a fairly nice weekend, but another cold front is ready to crash the party by Sunday night and Monday. From there, we head into Thanksgiving week with some pretty nice weather for travel day and turkey day. Past that, the pattern threatens to take a walk on the wild side.

Clouds will increase  Sunday as temps stay very nice with most in the 50s. A late day shower will be noted in the north and west, with an increase in rain Sunday night and Monday. That’s when our weak front passes through here with seasonal brand of cold behind it.

A northwesterly flow on Tuesday may spit out a few showers, with even a flake possibly showing up…


As mentioned, Wednesday and Thanksgiving look pretty darn nice with a seasonal chill in the air and dry conditions.

By the time we roll into Black Friday and into Saturday, a quick hitting storm system is likely to throw rain our way. That will be followed by another system coming in behind it that can unleash much more of a winter look…

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been pointing toward the last week of November into early December for winter to make a big return. As blocking goes up in the areas we look for to produce winter weather, the same active pattern from the year shows no signs of letting up. Watch the potent storm systems crossing the country…

That’s a look that can produce another early season winter storm or two around these parts.

I will get more into that later tonight. Until then, enjoy the evening and take care.

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  1. Bobby whiting says:


  2. John-Austin says:

    Chris, Looking forward to reading your thoughts later tonight about the pattern coming up! It looks it could be exciting for us snow lovers!

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