Winter Weather On The Way

Good Sunday, everyone. Heavy rain and thunderstorms drenched many areas of the bluegrass state on Saturday, setting rainfall records along the way. We are getting a nice break from the rain today, but Old Man Winter is ready to take control of the pattern again as we head into the new week. Several snow chances are on the weather menu, including the potential for a late week winter storm impact.

Morning showers and storms move way, leaving a mostly sunny sky for many. Winds will be gusty with many thermometers topping out in the 60s. Winds will continue to be rather gusty, but the day looks pretty good in the overall scheme of things.

Another cold front drops in here on Monday and will knock our temps down quickly from northwest to southeast. A shower or two is possible as our front moves through, with some flakes flying by Monday night. The setup for Tuesday and Wednesday will feature some light snow, snow showers, and snow flurries for much of the region. There is an increasing threat for a light snowfall for many areas. The models are hinting at this…


European Model

The best chance of putting light snow on the ground is Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Another sneaky light snow system zips quickly across the Ohio Valley late Thursday into Thursday night. This has the chance to throw a little more of the flake action as far south as the bluegrass state…

This sets the stage for the system we’ve been talking about for a long time now. It’s a southern stream winter storm that works from west to east then tries to turn the corner up the east coast. Those kinds of storms usually threaten our region with decent winter weather.

Our forecast models continue to have their usual waffles from several days out, but that’s typical and you shouldn’t get caught up in any one run or model. Let’s get a check of said models to see what they are looking like as of this writing…

The European Model continues to show a pretty big snow hit for much of the state and region…

The GFS is farther south than prior runs, showing much more of a snow threat…

The new version of the GFS is singing a similar tune…

The Canadian…

If we look at the GFS Ensembles, they continue to grow much more confident in snowfall over the next two weeks. Look how far south the snow line goes…

I will have updates coming your way later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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19 Responses to Winter Weather On The Way

  1. Virgil E says:

    Bold Prediction

    If people don’t see an inch of snow in their yard next weekend, they will claim the Dome is in effect and say Winter is over

  2. John-Austin says:

    I have a good feeling about next weekend! Look forward to your future updates throughout this week Chris.

  3. Lotsasnow says:

    Models showing a big snow event a week out thats the worst scenario that nw shift will kick in abot thursday.all rain for ky. 100 percent!!

  4. Terry says:

    It is fun to track….i just want a little more SE track to help us border county folks in SE KY score big….at least the winter storm is on the table!

    Plus, those Tuesday flurries/snow showers may dust many places….more school missed before Christmas break? Looks likely☺

  5. John Brown says:

    I personally think this will be a freezing rain to rain to backend snow alot of models are showing a upper level low moving up westeren kentucky and another one moving up easten ky smoky moutaings west virgina.This usauly will mean freezing rain to rain but these systems could be seperated wich would bring more of a snow threat in my opinion

    • Terry says:

      Geeze, i know that 24 inches is for high elevations but what a delicious run for Harlan and surrounding counties….if this was only 12 hours away☺

  6. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Annnnd the speculation begins. It is Sunday. We are talking about next Saturday. I’m just going to say I’ll wait and see what happens. Yes I am a snow lover, and I love to get excited about the possibility of an early one. But I’m also used to having cold rain too. So I will say I am lookingvorwardcto seeing some light snow on Tuesday and Wednesday and I will worry about next weekend when it gets closer. Have a great Sunday everyone.

    • Terry says:

      Me too! Literally, we may get more Tuesday/Wedneday than next weekend if track is bad for southern KY. Hopefully, it will be an early season hit but we should enjoy day by day☺

  7. Jimbo says:

    I’m still expecting a lot rain with next weekend system. Then the dreaded backside flurries. The wedge will again be too big of an obstacle to overcome for Eastern KY and Western WV.

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