Tuesday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, gang. Areas of light snow and snow showers continue to push across the bluegrass state. This action is putting down some hit and run coatings, with a better chance for sticking snow later tonight. From there, all eyes are on the potential winter storm for the weekend.

I have no real changes to the light snow forecast through Wednesday. Many areas see the coatings, with local 1″ amounts possible, especially in streaks across the east…

There could be another area in the west that sees something similar taking place. That shows up on the models…


Hi Res NAM

Slick spots will develop on area roads tonight and early Wednesday.

The next system zips quickly into town late Thursday into Thursday night, bringing a period of rain and snow. Light accumulations will again be possible…

The weekend storm system continues to come into a little better focus on the models. The GFS and Canadian are now seeing that second spin on top of us this weekend as the main low tries to turn the corner up the east coast. This scenario is what the new version of the GFS has been showing…



As I’ve mentioned a million times already, this is not set in stone and I can’t tell you if you’re getting a little bit of snow or a lot of snow. It’s still early in the game, but we are firmly in the game that’s being played.

Updates will come your way later today and on WKYT-TV starting at 4. I leave you with your afternoon tracking toys…

Have a good one and take care.

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46 Responses to Tuesday Afternoon Update

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Andy and Bubba are both woefully incorrect in their replies to my last comment. Oh well.

  2. Linus says:

    But won’t the warm waters in the gulf and strong Canadian westerlies prevent it from getting cold enough to snow?

    • BubbaG says:

      Depending on what side of the low yes, hence CB stating not sure yet on how much snow. Back in the older days I’m betting CB would be more pumped, but the models can be cruel to mets.

  3. jackson says:

    Keeping a very close eye on the weekend setup here in my neck of the woods, the NE side of Pikeville in the Belfry area, as it appears that it is going to be a close call. I’ve got my generators ready to go so let it snow 🙂

  4. Jimbo says:

    My best guess for the weekend system. Is it will miss to the south or we will get 34 degree rain followed by the dreaded backside flurries. I hope I am wrong but this happens too often in the tri-state.

  5. Rickie H says:

    I’m just happy we’re in the game.

  6. Cold-Rain says:

    Seems like complicated systems never work out..Too many things have to go right..Not saying it won’t happen but confidence is low for me as it should be for everyone..Now lets see if the Euro will hold serve..

  7. Cold-Rain says:

    lol..Euro going south..good hit for southern Ky..

  8. Matt says:

    Looks like NC/VA gonna get absolutely crushed. They’ll be without power for weeks out that way.

  9. Todd says:

    remember it is late fall, any snow chances are a blessing for those of us that like snow.

  10. Coreyfromtheky says:

    We got to remember…we are still almost a week away, take all models.with a grain of salt

  11. Cold-Rain says:

    Can’t believe terry,troy and others are not commenting..Parts of Harlan,bell.Wayne and others get’s crushed on the Euro..Showing up to 30 inches..Pretty much half of the state gets a good snow..

  12. SHAAK says:

    It’s going to be a good weekend for snow lovers.

  13. Rodger Dodger says:

    LOTS of model runs to go. Rodger’s learned to not get excited until it’s maybe 24 hours out. Rodger in Dodger

    • Cold-Rain says:

      Yea right Dodger..If a 30 in snowstorm was showing up in your yard on models 4 days out you would not get excited..lol

  14. Rolo says:

    Snow is a coming this weekend! B BIG DADDY

  15. Mike S says:

    A favored GFS analog from December 1989 does show an ice threat with this upcoming system. That particular one affected western and middle Tennessee, including Nashville, with a swath of heavy snow north of that. Bowling Green got almost 5″. Does not mean this is what will happen, but I’ve already had one significant ice storm here recently near Louisville…really don’t want a 2-fer.

    • feederband says:

      Amen brother. But I do have lots of kerosene on hand. The power came back on just as I just bought a couple of gallons a few weeks ago.

  16. SpaceGhost says:

    No winter weather alert from Charleston for the tri-state?

  17. KBINNKY says:

    I’ve seen some wild results from models before, but this is up there with 45 inches in NC: https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/819-w-373-n/snow-depth-in/20181214-1200z.html

  18. Bjenks says:

    Once this storm hits the Pacific coast and can be analyzed then all the models will come into fruition. IMO correcting North and West will be the consensus giving all of KY a nice early snowfall with some crippling amounts in SE KY. It will strengthen as picks up warm gulf moisture and head north from there. Storms that come into the North West typically exit in the North East.

  19. Dan Dan says:

    I wonder if this weekend is gonna turn out like the models are suggesting. Light snow here in Irvine right now

  20. nasdaq says:

    So which moves to the other first, Euro or GFS…

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