Monday Evening Update

Good evening, weather weenies. The weather is calm (thank goodness) to start the week and this calm weather carries us for a few more days. After that, we are going to crank it up once again with another big time storm system moving in here later this week. This will bring a lot of rain and wind out way, with just a small chance for some wraparound flakes.

That system really doesn’t arrive until late Thursday into Friday then sticks around into Saturday. It’s in response to a massive upper level low that slowly spins across the region. Wind will be a big player with gusts of 40mph at times. Rainfall numbers may reach 1-2″ in some areas, with thunder a possibility. Can we get some wraparound flakes out of this? Maybe, but it depends on how strong the surface low gets.

The GFS…

The Icon…

Milder air comes back in behind that and takes us into early next week. Beyond that, we start to see the pattern flipping back to cold setup we’ve had since late October. It also keeps the action going as we head into Christmas week…

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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3 Responses to Monday Evening Update

  1. Marsha says:

    We sure don’t have to worry about the rain a coming its always right on cue and I just seen see warm weather if there’s no snow that’s why I don’t pay much attention to worry 2weeks dow the road no more because it mean nothing sorry Chris I love ya but weather is crazy and can no longer be predicted out weeks ahead but you are a great weather dude it’s just weather is crazy

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. I am guessing you got a little more sleep last night. At least I hope you did. We wound up with a little ice,some huge snow flakes that didn’t stay around long and very cold temps. Today was cold but a lot nicer. The sunshine was very welcome. I’m going to use the milder time to catch up in a few things I need to get done. And I’m sure it is not hurting your feelings that you have a few days respite either! Enjoy it, because the way our weather has been, it likely won’t last long! 😉 Have a great evening all.

  3. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Chris I too hope you get some rest! I enjoyed seeing the sun a little this afternoon. It’s a very cold night on tap I hope everyone bundles up and stays warm.

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