A Little Light Snow Later Today

Good afternoon, everyone. Heavy rain continues to slowly work across eastern Kentucky with some wet snow mixing in across the high mountains. As we go through the rest of the day, light snow and flurries will develop across central and eastern Kentucky. That can put down a little slush tonight in a few areas.

Also, the American models are FINALLY seeing the Sunday system, after every other model known to man has had it for days now.

Let’s begin with the chance to put a little slush on the ground in some areas. As I’ve mentioned, the best chance is across central and eastern Kentucky, with the mountains having the highest threat. If anything sticks where you live, it’s likely on elevated and grassy surfaces.

The NAM looks better, but is still a little too aggressive…

The GFS still shows some very light stuff…

Again, if anything falls outside your house, it has a wet ground to fight, so there’s no guarantee you see a little slush outside your window.

The Sunday system is still on target to bring a little light rain and light snow to our region. The HI Res NAM…


Now that the GFS and NAM are seeing it, your weather craps… I mean weather apps… have probably changed from sunny to ugly. Remember, there’s no human input into those things.

The system on Christmas Day continues to look fairly weak because the system behind it is coming faster and stronger. This is a lot of rain and wind on the way for Thursday into Friday…



This SUPER active storm track looks to continue through the start of the new year. As cold air, and arctic air, continue to settle back into the country behind that system, the winter storm signals are growing. I say signals because it’s a pattern that can throw multiple threats our way.

The first may come just before the close of the year…

The GFS really likes the start of 2019…

I will hook you up with another update later this evening and on WKYT-TV.  Here are your radars to track the action…

Make it a good one and take care.

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8 Responses to A Little Light Snow Later Today

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Really odd that Harlan County has that warning. You are correct. I’m just hoping to see some snow flakes at this point. But whatever happens we will enjoy and move on. Happy to not be looking out the window at pouring rain, at least for now. Good afternoon to all!

  2. Jared from Letcher County says:

    NWS forecasting close to a foot of snow for the higher elevations of southeast Kentucky, dropping down to just a half inch or less on the valley floors.

  3. Matt says:

    Everyone go spend the holiday in Harlan on Black Mountain if you want a white Christmas.

  4. Matt says:

    Just saw where vehicles are already getting stuck trying to go across black mtn.. it’s gonna be a thumping up there.

  5. Terry says:

    It is sad that about 10% or less of people in Harlan Co. actually live above 3,000 ft…means most of us will see nothing and have another warning….so sad:(

  6. Mike S says:

    Louisville stands at 66.85″ as of this writing. Still need 1.18″ to set the all-time annual mark. Lexington now closing in on 70″ but might have to wait a little longer to get it, like next week. And yes, Black Mountain mesonet site now over 83″? I haven’t updated any of these totals, just going by the numbers I see, which has led to double counting at times.

  7. Tumbleweed says:

    Glad to be getting these again. I used to get emails from you Chris. and suddenly stopped getting them. thanks!

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