Tracking Some Christmas Eve Eve Snow

Good afternoon and Happy Christmas Eve Eve. Right on cue, we have light rain and light snow rolling across the state today as our hyper-active pattern keeps on keeping on. This will throw many more systems out way through the rest of the year and into the early part of 2019.

I noticed on Twitter that many weather circles were calling for a blowtorch Christmas weekend. Well, today is the second day of the weekend with snow flying across parts of Kentucky. That’s my kind of blowtorch! 😉 Today’s flakes are actually coming down pretty good at times with slushy accumulations showing up. Local 1″-3″ amounts are possible. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for a few counties and may need to expand…

And to think the NAM and GFS didn’t see any of this until yesterday and had very little, if any, in the form of snow. This system has been discussed on the blog for nearly a week now and so has the next system arriving on Christmas Day. This may also provide parts of the region with some light rain and light snow…

The European Model was the first to show the potential and keeps showing a touch of snow on the big day…

Behind that system comes a milder surge of air from the southwest, ahead of a major plains storm system. This will bring heavy rain, wind and some thunder in here for Thursday and early Friday…

That sets up a pattern with cold air pressing in behind for the final few days of the year and into the first week of 2019. The southern storm track isn’t going to slow down and that will up the ante on winter storms impacting the weather in our region….



I won’t be able to update this evening, but I leave you with a number of rain and snow tracking cams…


I-75/I-65 Northern Split Lexington

I-75/I-64 Southern Split Lexington


Between Frankfort and Midway


No image available.


No image available.


No image available.

No image available.


Bowling Green

I-64 Morehead

Mountain Parkway near Slade

Pine Mountain

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve and take care.

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14 Responses to Tracking Some Christmas Eve Eve Snow

  1. BengalFan says:

    What will happen first?
    A) snowstorm for central KY
    B) Bengals fire coach Marvin Lewis

    The Bengals biggest problem is the owner. I truly truly believe he is fine with mediocrity. It is absolutely hilarious that the Browns fired their head coach bangles hire him to help them beat the Browns the Bengals will be zero and two versus the Browns. You can’t write anything more funnier than that. I really wish I lcould convince my heart yo not be a Bengal fan

    Oh well one more week of misery and it’s over. At least the CATS hopefully have turned the corner, and it CHRISTMAS week….maybe a little snow sometime…

    • Prelude says:

      You got the Reds they picked up Puig from the Dodgers a few days back along with Matt Kemp and Alex Wood hopefully that’ll bring some excitement. However if the Cubs somehow get Bryce Harper than it won’t matter what anyone does in that division.

      • Jim B says:

        Cubs won’t sign Harper

        • Prelude says:

          Jim B, the Cubs would sign Harper in a New York minute if Harper gives the Cubs the opportunity. Lots and lots of teams just trying to clear up some salary to afford him.

          • Jim B says:

            That’s my point, the Cubs would have to clear so much money they wouldn’t be competitive… Cubs won’t sign Harper, that’s a guarantee… the other clubs can clear space, and still be contenders, like the Dodgers

  2. Terry says:

    Rain in Harlan right at 40 degrees…sigh. The supposedly coldest county in the state looks warmer than about every part of the state except Middlesboro.

  3. Terry says:

    You getting any flakes Jimbo? There is a lot of bright banding on the radar near your area. I hope you get a dab!

    • Jimbo says:

      There is some big wet flakes mixing with rain just now. I am plesantly surprised, none of the locals predicted this. First flakes I have seen in a while. Nice Christmas look.

      • Terry says:

        Good! Merry Christmas Eve Eve and hopefully we all get a lot after mid-January.

        • Jimbo says:

          The big wet snowflakes only mixed in for about half an hour before our normal 34 degree cold rain took back over. Nice while it lasted. But all to brief. Merry Christmas to you and everyone on the blog.

        • Jimbo says:

          Update: The rain turned back to snow just after dark. We have a dusting, the most I have received this year. Would have been nice if it had been a day later but I am happy anyway. Kudos to Chris for sticking with this system none of the locals saw it coming.

  4. WestKyGuy says:

    First post of the season for me.
    We had the biggest flakes I have ever seen and a QUICK inch or so in Southern Hopkins County.
    Parkway did get covered and unfortunately there was at least 1 accident. Was beautiful to see though.
    Hope it does the same on Christmas morning.
    Thanks for all you do for us Chris and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  5. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Merry Christmas to all!

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