Updating The High Wind and Heavy Rain Potential

Good evening, folks. Thursday into Thursday night continue to look very active in our part of the world as another potent storm system impacts the region. High winds may cause issues and heavy rainfall can cause a few local high water issues.

A Wind Advisory is out for much of Kentucky Thursday and Thursday night. Wind gusts of 50mph of higher will be possible, but the Hi Res NAM continues to show some 60mph+ gusts…

Those winds can cause power hits and knock a few trees down, so take precautions ahead of the wind.

Heavy rainfall may also become an issue for some areas, especially across southeastern Kentucky. Local high water issues may develop.

Colder air comes in behind this departing system on Friday with another system due into the region by Saturday night and Sunday. That may bring some rain and snow with it…

A few of the models are really turning the New Year’s Eve system into a big rain maker across Kentucky. The GFS is showing some big rains…

The European has some big totals too…

If those are accurate, a big flood event would be in store for our region. That said, there are so many waves of low pressure, it’s making for a tough time on the models.

The European follows that up with another system that has more of a winter signal…


The GFS Ensembles continue to show the colder than normal shots taking control of our weather through the first few weeks of the new year…

The Canadian Ensembles are very similar…

Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care.

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8 Responses to Updating The High Wind and Heavy Rain Potential

  1. Farmer 43 says:

    This winter I really think we’ve maybe exhausted our best winter chances back in November I’m a big winter fan myself but I t ell ya this has so far been pretty disappointing and really the crystal ball shows nothing promising I enjoy reading the blog but in some senses it’s the same everyday cold is coming and possibly snow but wait we gotta move it out another week but it’s coming I will say this I’ll make a bold prediction it will snow again this winter it may only be backside flurries but it will snow again as for blocking pattern and big snowstorm the models says one more week but that might mean one more month who the heck knows I would love for one winter to just get half the snow the models predict every winter I would be more than happy we might give buffalo New York a run for their money

  2. Terry says:

    Flooding….YEP…I think we have all seen this threat coming after a near record wet fall to go on top of a wet summer and spring with El Nino enhanced winter just starting to really kick into high gear. The last solidly below average precip month in KY and regionally was last January. WPC is showing 4 inch plus rains in SE KY now through next Wednesday. Not good!

  3. BubbaG says:

    Jeepers, the rain continues for the New Year as well. Seems also the snow talk is drifting out as well. Not a surprise, but would be nice if not rain for two weeks.

  4. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    Merry Coldrain and a Happy New Coldrain

  5. Russell says:

    Yep. ..same pattern….cold….more rain….snow….AWOL

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