Wednesday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, folks. We have another dreary day across Kentucky as 2019 picks up where 2018 left off. Rain is rolling into the south and east and comes at us in waves through early this weekend. This could bring another soaker to parts of the state.

Today’s rain is lined up from southwest to northeast and will mainly impact southern and eastern Kentucky. Outside of this region, drizzle and a few misty showers are a good bet…

Thursday will find us between systems, but it’s still a pretty ugly day. I can’t rule out a shower or some drizzle with the low clouds hanging tough.

As the next low spins right on top of us on Friday, another round of heavy rain is likely across the state. This may lead to more local high water issues.

The GFS has a sharp cutoff to the heaviest rains on the northern side…

The NAM is farther north and a little more choppy…

Low clouds and a seasonal chill is likely to remain behind that into Saturday, but temps jump back up for Sunday and Monday. That’s ahead of a cold front moving in from the northwest. That’s right, an actual cold front from the northwest is going to make it through Kentucky early next week…

That’s followed by more of a northern stream influence with systems dropping into our region…

Getting these northern stream systems is a big step in the right direction. Obviously, those bring the missing ingredient back into the equation… Cold.

I will update things again this evening. Until then. have a great Wednesday and take care.

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8 Responses to Wednesday Afternoon Update

  1. Matt says:

    Just want a few sunny days, is that too much to ask this time of year? They are rare especially here in the eastern part of the state..

  2. Terry says:

    Those heavy rains are mighty close to SE KY. Going to be a close call as small NW trend will put us southern folks in a flood threat, especially for Cumberland River counties!

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Hoping to see some cold and white stuff on the ground before too long. I am like you and most everyone else…..please snow or be sunny! But we will still take what we get and move on. Have a great afternoon all!

  4. Cold-Rain says:

    Just when things was looking better along come’s the EPS..Has +EPO, +NAO, -PNA..Yucky..Lets all bow our heads and hope it’s wrong..Just have faith in our American models lol..

    • Terry says:

      Well at least your name reigns king of weather: we have plenty of cold rain for SE KY…lol

      The last I saw though, NAO was only trending slightly positive. Maybe, it begins to reverse to negative next week. PNA was trending towards neutral but still slightly positive….how negative is it going on the new update???

      • Prelude says:

        NWS out of Louisville is now saying that colder conditions are possible the last 1-2 weeks of January going into February and possibly lasting into March. Time will tell

      • Cold-Rain says:

        Don’t know about the numbers..Was looking at the 500mb pattern and has below normal heights around the arctic circle by day 12..No blocking what so ever..Now is it right??..

  5. Terry says:

    My 2019 drought is over! I have measurable precip with my one day drought of 0.00 for both the new year annual and month over…lol

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