A Rainy Start To A Better Weekend

Good Friday, everyone. We’ve made it to the end of a shortened work week for many and it’s  rather ugly out there with rounds of rain. This ugly weather isn’t going to last through the rest of the weekend, as sunny skies and milder air is on the way. Rejoice for the sun!!

Changes are showing up for next week and I will touch on those in a bit.

Rain today will be heavy at times with some 1″+ amounts showing up across central and eastern Kentucky. That may be just enough to lead to local high water issues. Here are your wet weather tracking tools…

There’s the chance for a touch of sleet at the beginning of the rain in the north, then we could see a few flakes mixing in overnight as the upper low spins across the eastern half of the state.

From there, things get a whole lot better for the weekend. Highs on Saturday reach the upper 40s to low 50s as the sun makes an appearance. By Sunday, temps spike well into the 50s with a mostly sunny sky.

Our next system arrives late Monday, but it isn’t coming from the southwest. Instead, this will be a cold front from the northwest…

Gusty rain will be likely and I can’t rule out a flurry behind that for early Tuesday. This was looking like a quick-hitting shot of cold, but the trough behind it is looking deeper and stronger into the middle of next week…

That would obviously mute any warm up for the middle and end of next week as we get ready for the next system approaching next weekend. That’s a much deeper trough digging into the country and the European continues to see it and a possible storm system to come along for the ride…

It’s interesting to see the models trending colder as we get closer to next week. I suspect they are now seeing the overall changes going on across the northern hemisphere. Those changes will lead to quite the setup for the second half of winter across much of the country.

I will have updates later today. Until then, make it a good one and take care.

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22 Responses to A Rainy Start To A Better Weekend

  1. BH says:

    I do not like back loaded winters. When it gets past February I’m ready for it to warm up. We may go from wet to dry and cold for awhile. Who knows.

  2. Terry says:

    As we get closer, we actually have some high 30s to low 40s for highs showing up later next week all the way down to SE KY. At least that is a step in the right direction! We have some 60s to get through in southern KY before the first cold front next week. I will try to enjoy the warmth and a few sunny days but still prefer the cold and snow this time of year…lol

    • Cold-Rain says:

      Hang In there..Some nice runs on modeling overnight..Actually moved things up for a change..if we can get a couple of days of consistency we may be in business..CB said the change is coming so props to him..We should know better to straw away from home..lol

  3. C-BIV says:

    Zzzzzzzz…..that’s what the overall pattern setup has been since Nov. 1st.

    • Jim B says:

      Agree, and will most likely continue for snow lovers…bring on spring!

    • Jimbo says:

      No truer words have been spoken. I just read an article where WV ski resorts are suffering this season. During warm waves they depend on cold nights to make snow. This year they are not getting many nights below freezing to offset the warm days. I think their suffering will be prolonged.

  4. Bjenks says:

    All the endicies pointing toward a frigid back half of winter. That does not bold well for snow lovers. Although chances are better if the cold air is already upon us. Here in KY we have to have that perfect setup for a good one. Seems many times in the past that the cold suppresses so far south that we miss storms and when it retreats we get cold rain or ice. Thanks for the update CB.

  5. justin says:

    I know winter just started but as much as I love a good snow, I’m not feeling it this year. I’m so ready for warm spring and sunshine. lack of sunshine is quite depressing for me. hoping spring & summer are a little less rainy this year. mowing a soggy lawn is not fun.

  6. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Come what may. Prepare the best you can and stop whining.

  7. Jim B says:


  8. Mike S says:

    I’m already making projections for the month and beyond. Right now, many of us are averaging 8.5 – 11.0 degrees above normal for the month. In addition, more mild weather is on the way for the next several days. For those who have made ‘winter forecasts’ (December through February), even if we are at the conservative estimate of 4-6 degrees above normal by mid-month, the second half of the month would have to offset this and hope that February is at least 7 degrees below normal for the month. That would have to correspond to the February of 2010 or 2015 to help offset the damage done for last month and whatever this month.
    So far the winter (Dec-Feb) temperature percentage is 80% for normal to above and only 20% for below normal.
    So, there is still a chance winter can be saved.

  9. Cold-Rain says:

    More good model runs today..Couple more days like this and could be legit..Keeps moving things up also..starting to believe around the 10th -15th we see big changes if models continue what there advertising..

    • Terry says:

      I am excited! Only downfall is that I have some less hardy plants right now that I will have to cover! I am an amateur gardener but a weather geek first:)

      My needle palm tree is actually growing in winter…I have only had to cover it up like 3 times so far this winter!

  10. Terry says:

    Very intense storms in Harlan…people will flood quick tonight in places!!!

    Flash flood guidance is extremely low too

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