The Colder Trend Continues For Next Week

Good Saturday, everyone. We have a much better looking and feeling weekend kicking off across the bluegrass state. Dry skies and mild temps should make for a few pleasant couple of days. As we look into next week and beyond, the pattern continues to look colder and colder, with winter threatening to finally lock in.

Rain is hanging tough across eastern Kentucky to start the day, but moves out pretty quickly…

Temps today are in the upper 40s to middle 50s as skies quickly clear behind the early morning rain in the east. Your Sunday looks even better with temps deep into the 50s and a mix of sun and afternoon clouds.

A cold front rolls in late Monday with gusty showers along and ahead of it. We will be able to squeeze one more mild day out of this, but the next front arriving later Tuesday puts an end to that. The trough digging in behind it continues to show a lot more staying power through the second half of next week…

That’s some pretty cold air associated with that and the northwesterly flow may produce some flurries or snow showers on Wednesday.

That sets the stage for the next system to sweep in by the end of the week into next weekend. That will have additional cold to work with and has a chance to produce some winter weather around here.

The Canadian…

The new version of the GFS…

I will have another update later today. Enjoy your Saturday and take care.

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18 Responses to The Colder Trend Continues For Next Week

  1. Terry says:

    When looking at the models, oscillations and such, I think that data is painting a more quick change to cold with picking up on PV effect for the east US. It is looking more likely that colder weather and even below normal cold may not hold off until the very end of the month afterall:)

    • Andy Rose says:

      Don’t fall for it.

      • Jimbo says:

        Agreed. By next Thursday we will be looking at 50’s and rain more than likely.

        • Andy Rose says:

          I’m not saying that. Its just way to early to be making any kind of prediction.

        • Prelude says:

          I couldn’t imagine waiting till next Thursday not to get anymore rain if that’s the case the mud in my backyard will start looking dehydrated.

        • Jeff Hamlin says:

          Fake news

          • Prelude says:

            If you don’t agree with opinions it’s fake news? So hypothetically. If CB is wrong with his winter predictions/opinions at the end of the winter season and another meteorologist was more accurate on his or hers winter predictions/opinions would CB predictions/opinions on what he thought might occur this winter be considered fake news?

    • Cold-Rain says:

      Be interesting to see how the PV plays out..Models must already be picking up on it,seeing -20s and colder up North..Looks like a peice of it drops in the Hudson Bay..If the PV does split and effects us I don’t think we would want it dropping to far south..I hate cold and dry..then again with a weak El Niño and active STJ imagine the possibilities..Don’t think any Winter forecast had a split of the PV into there equation so I’ll guess we’ll see what happens..Could be nothing or good times ahead.

    • BubbaG says:

      Starting to look like a wimpy winter overall, with not exactly a lot of big snow chances. Perhaps lucky to get a few ankle biters. Salt and snow accumulations will battle for supremacy 😉

  2. Russell says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it…

  3. Winterlover says:

    The climate prediction center has the blocking not to last long. THERE saying around the 12th the warm air will be creeping back in. Only time will tell. I’ll take CB word in what he is saying a back loaded winter in the forcaste

  4. nasdaq says:

    Just good seeing regional snow threats back in the models again, getting out of this raging PAC mess will be welcomed with open arms.

    • Msd says:

      Yep. I’m less concerned about SSW effects than the die down of the pacific jet. If the pv daughter vortex goes over Hudson Bay, but we still have a raging pacific, then we could still end up without a great pattern.

      • Terry says:

        I agree. Both together could be epic….will the cold combined with active precip pattern be south and east or on top of us once all of this finalizes later on…that remains to be seen, but at least we are going towards cold and you have chances for at worst flurry events. We can’t get any snow period in this current PAC, subtropical winter pattern!

  5. Ray Roark says:

    We get flurries in October, snow shower or 2 in November and December, then … January arrives, no snow at all! What the heck happened?

  6. Cofferlady says:

    Thanks Chris. Guys is officially about 16 days in to Winter. Don’t call it wimpy just yet! You know me…. the eternal optimist! Have a great day and GO CATS!!!

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