Tracking The Winter Storm

Good evening, folks. Our winter storm is moving in and I have you all set up to do some tracking in a bit. In the overall scheme of things, I have no real changes to my thoughts with the first round of snow moving in for tonight and early Saturday.

Here’s a look at the current snowfall forecast through Saturday morning…

The current Winter Weather Alerts…

The forecast for Saturday through Sunday still appears to feature accumulating snow in the north with rain for much of the southern half of the state. That snow line may dip into the Interstate 64 corridor Saturday evening and night and that’s something to watch for…

A lighter brand of snow and rain will be with us later Sunday into Sunday, but I can’t rule out some light accumulations…

I know we have a winter storm bearing down on the region, but I do want to talk briefly about how this is the beginning of a major winter period for our region and much of the country. After a little break in the action later next week. another storm may threaten the region next weekend…

The Ensembles over the next two weeks (Including this weekend)…


Euro Control

Check out the cold…

Remember those analogs for the winter forecast? All of this is showing up right on cue.

I will have the latest snow map on WKYT-TV tonight at 11 and will have another update on KWC late tonight. Until then, I have you all set to track the winter weather…


Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

I-75 MP 127

I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead

I-64 MP 97
I-64 WB @ MP 97

Mountain Parkway @ MP 36
Near Pine Ridge


No image available.


No image available.

No image available.


No image available.

No image available.

No image available.


No image available.

I-65 MP 36
Near Bowling Green
I-65 MP 36

I-65 @ 234
Near Bowling Green
I-65 @ 234

Natcher Parkway MP 5
Near Bowling Green
Natcher Parkway @ MP 5

US 41A Gate 5 Fort Campbell Entrance
Fort Campbell
US 41A @ Gate 5

I-24  MP 4 @ US 60
I-24 @ US 60 MP 4

I-24 MP 7 @ US 62
I-24 MP 7 @ US62

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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26 Responses to Tracking The Winter Storm

  1. Virgil E says:

    Oh Spring…..You are a little over 60 days away…. Come quickly!

  2. Stacy says:

    What about rockcastle co and Wayne co and London co and I got to know

  3. Jeff Irvin says:

    Why is TWC still calling for rain for most of Ky tomorrow afternoon?

  4. Winterlover says:

    Snowing hard here in my neck of woods at western,ky ground already getting cover.

  5. Ohhh, Yesss! If this verifies with the analogs of 1978 and/or 1979….it’s going to be a Rolo Old School ride! Let the Wild Rumpus begin!!!

  6. BubbaG says:

    Still confused how last week the thoughts were that cold air would be in place so rain would not be a factor, yet that is what is happening. Drive-by snow for most of us, it seems. Well, better than all rain and then the rain we get will wash the salt away. Winning! 🙂 😉

    Models are cruel beasts.

    • Jimbo says:

      I hear ya, I remember reading the difference with this one is cold air will be in place. I have yet to see any cold air that can’t bullied and moved out of place by warm air and rain.

    • Troy says:

      Good question, and what ever happened to that immanent split 2 or 3 way polar vortex?

      • Terry says:

        It already occured… effects will be felt after the 20th for the east US….can we actually cash on snow and not just cold is the bigger question.

        Not interested in 0s and teens but no snow in SE KY! I think we get some snow too though:)

    • Jeff Hamlin says:

      I’ll stick with real mets like Chris.

  7. Winterlover says:

    Guys Chris doesn’t control the weather he gives his thoughts what could bring. Being so negative on this post belong here. Forest Gump said life is a box of chocolate you don’t always get want you want.

  8. Winterlover says:

    Meant doesn’t belong here.

  9. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Since we aren’t under a warning or advisory here we will probably actually get some snow, since most of our snowfalls down here seem to be not forecasted or underforecasted.

  10. Farmer 43 says:

    Nearing 2 inches in Breckinridge co been snowing since 730 cst just hoping for no rain tomorrow for those who don’t know where I’m at I’m halfway between Louisville and Owensboro on the Ohio River

  11. Todd says:

    a whole lotta verga, Frankfort 🙁

  12. BoydcountyNana says:

    I have followed C.B. for years. We miss him on WSAZ. I have read and read all these comments day after day, year after year. I can’t stand it any longer. I have never seen so many churlish, derogatory, insulting, disrespectful and impertinent bunch of ( mainly grown men) behave in such a manner as purposely posting what you call facts when in fact you intentionally want to belittle C.B and point out anything and everything that didn’t or don’t go your way. It’s weather my goodness it changes minute by minute and you expect him to be perfect, I bet your not perfect at your jobs. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how moronic the majority of you all look, people can see that just by reading your post, that’s probably why he allows them to even be posted so we can get a good laugh. If all you want to do is complain why read his blog to begin with. I’m thinking most people isn’t interested whether or not the weather did or didn’t go your way and you want to blame C.B. I believe someone posted the definition of FORECAST it means predict or estimate as in a future event or trend, why is that so hard to understand but yet you all still think he should be right 100 percent of the time. Chris we enjoy your weather and enjoy keeping up with you down here in Ashland..

  13. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Looking like mix in Mt. Vernon as I leave work.

  14. Todd says:

    1/2 in. in east Frankfort, underachieving so far??

  15. Rich says:

    Keep up the great work Chris. Enjoy reading your blog daily. Had 1 inch of snow in Southern Indiana

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