Tracking Winter Weather To Begin February

Good Friday and welcome to the month of February. We are kicking off the month with a touch of snow and ice across parts of the bluegrass state. This action is fairly light, but it’s having an impact on the early day commute. Once we get through this, we have a milder setup on the way, before more winter weather works back in.

A Winter Weather Advisory is out for much of the state to start the day…

Light accumulations of snow and freezing rain will cause slick travel conditions, so be prepared for that if you have to be driving early on. Here’s regional radar tracking the action.

I will have your traffic cams in a bit.

Let’s talk about the pattern coming in after this. Milder air will surge in for the weekend, which looks pretty good as a whole. Highs on Saturday may hit 50, with a 60 waiting in the wings for Sunday. Winds will be super gusty, but it’s a milder wind from the southwest.

That same southwest wind will cause an increase in moisture, leading to an increase in rain and some rumbles of thunder as early as Monday. Locally heavy rains are possible from Monday through Wednesday as our temps stay very mild. Rainfall numbers continue to increase during this time.



An arctic front then moves in later in the week. At the same time, waves of low pressure may try and develop along the boundary near our region. That could bring winter weather back in here. The Euro continues to show the possibility…

I will have updates later today. Until then, here are your traffic cams to show how road conditions are looking…

Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

-75/I-64 Southern Split Lexington


I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead

I-64 MP 97
I-64 WB @ MP 97

Mountain Parkway near Slade

Pine Mountain



No image available.


No image available.

No image available.


No image available.

No image available.

No image available.


No image available.

Bowling Green


Make it a good one and take care.

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48 Responses to Tracking Winter Weather To Begin February

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Just think that at some point this month, we will get a small taste of warmer temps.

  2. Unbridled Spirit says:

    How to avoid a jetliner collision with migrating birds upon takeoff or landing.

    Watch. Then ask me.

    Thanks for the forecast mr Bailey – JKR

  3. Teach says:

    Should have known the cold air wouldn’t allow the precipitation to reach the ground.

  4. Formerly from KY says:

    Look like there’s a chance that February temps will run well above normal for the Eastern Conus.

  5. Mike says:

    Was it supposed to snow last night? Perhaps it did in some areas but not in my part of Richmond.

  6. SkiWi says:

    You take it 100% to the bank that the rain won’t miss us.

  7. winterlover says:

    Don’t let these warmer air that we gonna get through next Wednesday fool you. We could very well pay for it!!

  8. Although the models and forecasts have been wrong most of this Winter, February tends to be very snowy for Southeast KY and Northeast TN. Looking ahead, there’s a blogger who you can follow on Facebook “Snowbird Bob” and he agrees that we will have a backloaded winter . He says that around Feb. 8-28 we will have several significant snow and Ice (ugh!) events. I believe Chris mentioned that back in December. Don’t lose hope yet, Snow Lovers!

  9. Matt says:

    Nothing reaching the ground in Perry co. Temp up to 38.

  10. Russell says:

    Well the rain train returns….surprise surprise suprise….RIP Winter.

  11. Bjenks says:

    February might go down as a warmer than avg month, but I like our chances of the cold returning for the last half with chances of snow weekly. IMO…..Winter and Mother Nature will have the last laugh!!!

  12. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. We have had sleet pouring down this morning but right now it is not doing anything. Our temp actually climbed last night. We went from 27 to 34. Told ya…. issue a winter weather advisory and it skirts us every time! Unless it’s rain of course. 😉 Have a great Friday

  13. Cold-Rain says:

    Everyone talks about how good models are with rain..Which model do you think is right the GFS or Canadian??.Do you think 2.9 will verify on the GFS or the meager 0.2 on the Canadian in the SE..Will models move more South or West or NW or SE or not move at all..Let’s just see how really good models are at predicting rain..Really never understood the notion that some have about models being 100 percent accurate about rain..

    • Schroeder says:

      The best and most accurate weather models you have to pay BIG MONEY for. They claim 99.9 % accurate for ninety day outlooks. Mostly power companies and big industries invest their money into these models. When I was farming back in the 70’s and late 80’s I inquired but I can’t remember the name of the weather agency. Anyway I didn’t order it because of the cost $. The point being, there are weather models that are accurate.

      • Mike S says:

        You need to provide a reference source for that. I do not know of any forecast model that can lay claim to a near 100% accuracy for a 3-month period. A few years ago, The Weather Company along with its Deep Thunder forecast model received accolades for its forecast accuracy, but not 99.9%

        • Schroeder says:

          Mike S, I think the name of the weather agency was Weather Trends not sure though. It was probably a scam to begin with.

      • Troy says:

        Oh, come on Schroeder. The government is roughly 8-10 years ahead of the private sector in technology. Do you “really” believe that if there was a model out there with 99.9% accuracy in a 3 month period, it wouldn’t be obtained and made available to NOAA/NWS? ummmmm NO, there is no such model now and there certainly wasn’t in the 70’s-80’s.

  14. Schroeder says:

    Just for fun I looked up the record snowfall for Kentucky. The storm dumped 26.0 inches on Simers, Kentucky on March 3, 1942. The bigger snowstorms always come latter. Still hope for more winter events, but I never put much stock in forecast after two days out.

  15. Mike S says:

    In Kentucky, most of the state as represented by NWS offices saw near or slightly above normal temperatures for the month of January, exception of course the northern part of the state in Covington. Old Man Winter put out his best effort of the season, but still could not offset completely the blowtorch earlier in the month. With February expected to average several degrees above normal during the first week, that will only give Old Man Winter just 3 weeks to offset that warmth and the 5+ degrees accumulated since December just to get back to a ‘normal’ winter.

  16. Schroeder says:

    In March 1960 after a record warm February in southwest Indiana we had one of the biggest snowstorm and temperatures from -10 to -15. Snow was on the ground for most of the month.

  17. Formerly from KY says:

    7 inches of snow in NW Pennsylvania storm out performing here.

  18. Cars off the road all over the I-64 corridor here in Morehead, so it is bad up here…It doesn’t take much to slicken up the roads when the ground is so cold; also, it is still snowing here right now…at first I was surprised they called off school, now, I am thankful!!!

  19. Schroeder says:

    Your right. I’m sure I was being scammed but didn’t fall for it.

  20. Schroeder says:

    The above reply for Troy

  21. BengalFan says:

    Headline Quote for this winter ( “we see another winter event on the back side of next weeks front”….I have read it so many times since November…) Backside of the rain, which to me equals 99% rain and 1% snow showers!!!!!!
    This winter for at least Richmond KY. El Stinko

  22. Lotsasnow says:

    I got 7 inchs of powdery snow last night

  23. Jim B says:

    Folks, I’m calling the snow show over earlier than 2nd week of Feb as previously predicted, if you can really call what we had a snow show haha… snowlovers, I hope there is a surprise left for ya, but I doubt it….

    Jim B signing off til next winters fun with possibilities and potentials. Everyone stay safe! Come on Spring and Summer! And Bevin got to go! Peace

  24. Scott says:

    Ashland and surrounding areas got the most snow all winter today about 2 inches. It’s bad when 2 inches of snow get you excited.

  25. Ruth says:

    Here in WV, one of our local mets said the vortex is supposed to visit again after Valentine’s Day weekend.

  26. Mike S says:

    Ashland…2″; Clarksburg…6.5″; wondering how much Huntington and Charleston got…probably zilch as always, better yet all rain

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