Sunday Evening Update

Good evening, everybody. It’s full steam ahead toward another major rain event over the next few days. Several inches of rain will fall across the region, increasing the flood threat for the entire region.

Nothing has changed with the Flood Watch…

I still see no reason the rest of the state shouldn’t be included in this, but I digress.

My rainfall forecast appears to be in good shape…


This is backed up by the late day model runs…


New version of the GFS

Flooding of creeks, streams and rivers may all be noted during this time.

As that system moves away Tuesday night, much colder air wraps in bringing a brief period of light snow to central and eastern Kentucky.

From there, the pattern remains active, but we will se the storm track come farther south as cold air continues to spread out across the country.

The 2 week snow numbers from the GFS show the snow chances going  much farther south…

The average from the 21 member GFS Ensembles are even farther south…

I will have a full update later tonight, so check back. I leave you with your Sunday evening tracking toys…

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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7 Responses to Sunday Evening Update

  1. Terry says:

    Already approaching a half inch in Harlan!

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Think I’m going to get my rain gauge back out for the next couple of days. Mine says to bring in when it gets below freezing to keep it from cracking. I’ll guess we’ve had a half an inch so far since it started today. Temp is hovering right at 39-40 and the rain is COLD! Sturdy and warm everyone.

  3. Danny says:

    looking at the snow total for the next 2 weeks. I see we are in purple. What Would that snow total be if we are in purple?

  4. Bjenks says:

    Looks as though heaviest rains will be south of Louisville.
    I like the snow maps, but we have seen them before only to be let down. LOL.
    Might just have that two weeks of a backloaded winter.

  5. Mike S says:

    Even CB knows how lousy these models have been; and teleconnections, not one of the major players are on board to suggest anything of winter significance. Light snow events at best.

    • Terry says:

      About the only way I could see a big snow event for the next two weeks, and by big I mean a local several inches and not necessarily widespread regionally, would be if we had a strong upper low move over and bring a quick melting wet snow event. Dynamic cooling could provide a decent thumping but the teleconnections are 100% against real snow for at least 2 more weeks! It is unlikely to see a good upper low too when connections aren’t there as our pattern is very progressive right now, not favorable for an upper level low but it could happen….grasping for straws here…lol

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