Monday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Today is just ugly and rather depressing as nothing changes and your friendly weatherdude is powerless to change it. 🙁 Rounds of heavy rain continue to pound the bluegrass state, with the heaviest yet to come tonight and Tuesday. This will continue to cause flooding issues across the region.

Our Flood Watch was expanded to include the rest of the state…

Numerous counties across western Kentucky are already under Flood Warnings and we will likely see more added to the map…

Flood Warnings are also out for many of our rivers and those crest forecasts will vary depending on future rains. As of now, an additional 1″-3″ of rain should fall for many through Tuesday. Locally higher amounts will be possible in western and central parts of the state.

That system moves away Tuesday evening, but not before some backlash snows kick in…

Another system will quickly zip in here for the end of the week as our active storm track continues, but with a catch. This storm track is being pushed farther south as cold air takes control of the pattern…

This looks a lot like last year when winter didn’t arrive until late then pretty much wiped out our spring. Yippee. 🙁

I will have the latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4 and with another update on KWC later today. Until then, here are your radars to track the rain…

Have a good one and take care.

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21 Responses to Monday Afternoon Update

  1. Terry says:

    YEP. My best prediction is March is our snowiest month for most of us. It want take much either for my bold prediction to come true. LOL.

    Maybe we get some snow in February too but I am not getting excited just yet.

  2. Sarah says:

    Tired of rain, Please bring on Spring weather, warm temps, flowers, morel hunting, Dollywood, hiking the mountains, grilling outdoors, camping etc

  3. Cameron Fry says:

    Lol @ ‘cold air taking over the pattern’. It’s bottled up west. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. justin says:

    im so sick of this constant soggy weather I cant stand it. been like this since last spring & summer. if this is our new climate, I want to move. but that takes $$ and I don’t have it. I hope our spring, summer and fall are normal and not another soggy mess. I mow my lawn once a week in summer and I never once mowed a dry lawn. it was always like a squishy sponge. … sad & depressing to the point I feel as if I need meds lol

    • WM says:

      My thoughts as well. This constant rain and muck for months on end is terribly depressing. If this is the new norm I’m ready to move, too.

  5. Jared from Letcher County says:

    HRRR showing a squall line pushing across the area tomorrow morning:

    • Terry says:

      That will be heavy rain for sure but may cut our totals some in the SE if this system hits the gas tomorrow as it has been punishing the west with no movement. Just depends on how much we get with the line if that ends up happening. It want take much at all to flood fast, especially if we get a quick inch in a powerful line!

  6. Cold-Rain says:

    Right where we want it at this stage.LOL..At least its the GFS and not the crazy one..I like the pivotal map..Look at the snow hole..Now before anyone tells me i already know this has no chance..But youuuuu neverrr knowww..

  7. msd says:

    LOL 30 inches in the deep south. It seems many of the crazy runs are during the 18z for some reason.

  8. Winterlover says:

    Darn we can get a break when comes to snow chances. Even Las Vegas had snow fallen and northwest has been clobber with record snow fall.

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