Winter Weather and Flood Threat Update

Good afternoon, folks. Our storm system is rolling into the region and brining a wintry mix before the heavy rains set in. That heavy rain may lead to flooding issues in the coming days, with another big storm system lurking for the upcoming weekend.

A Winter Weather Advisory is out for areas along and north of Interstate 64 this evening into the wee hours of Wednesday morning…

Light accumulations of snow and freezing rain will be possible before rain takes over from south to north. Heavy rain then kicks in tonight through Wednesday night, with a few rumbles of thunder possible. Rainfall totals of 1″-3″ are likely during this time.

Here’s regional radar to track the action in from the south…

General flooding and river flooding will be possible from this event. I will have the latest on WKYT starting at 4pm and then again on KWC this evening.

After a break on Thursday, rain returns for Friday as another major storm system develops across the plains. That will roll toward the Great Lakes, with mild and humid air surging our way ahead of it. This will spawn rounds showers and thunderstorms from Friday night through Saturday night…

That could drop another 1″-3″ of rain across the region, leading to more flooding issues. Some of the storms may also become strong or severe. The SPC has a rare outlook already out for the western half of the state for Saturday…

Another system moves early next week and unleashes a much colder pattern as we close out the month and head into March.

We’ve been talking about the cold, but can we get some snow chances for March? If you’re a snow lover, lock in the GFS…

That’s only 12 days away… What could go wrong? #teamspring

Have a good one and take care.

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16 Responses to Winter Weather and Flood Threat Update

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. I love snow, but when we get to March, it’s time for the trees to start waking up and flowers to pop up through the soil. But I guess we will just go on. Have a good afternoon all.

  2. Rhonda Blanton says:

    I don’t know. Weather is so unpredictable, lol. I keep hoping for a nice, big snow but it never seems to happen. The model looks good but it’s 12 days away, so I am pretty sure it will be rain by the time it gets here. I’m just praying it doesn’t flood, it’s such a terrible disaster and affects so many. Have given up hope for snow and waiting for spring.

  3. Debbie says:

    Ahh…the elusive “2-week-out-snowstorm”…….Why, nothing at all will go wrong. After all, the models have been standing on the also elusive “corrective podium” giving all us snow addicts a lot of promises but never delivering.
    Did I just make this a “political” post???! LOL! 😉
    Our wx has been so odd the past couple of years, I’m expecting an out-right, late-season Blizzard. And I will not be amazed or in awe if that happens! 🙂

  4. Troy says:

    Well, I would write that GFS map completely off except for the fact it has been far more accurate than all the others this winter. Haven said that, any model running showing a nice snow 12 days out is still nothing more than fantasy.

  5. Dottie says:

    That regional radar is amazing right now with all the colors heading into Tennessee. From light green, dark green, pink, yellow, orange, red. Wow.

  6. Bjenks says:

    12 days of winter….
    On the first day of winter my true love gave to me….Rain…..
    On the second day of winter my true love gave to me….Rain
    On the third. Etc

    • Debbie says:

      On the Last Day of Winter, my models gave to me…6 iiinnnches of snowwww…..gone in 30 minutes…probably more tonight, and bad storms tomorrrrroooww…..!

      Sorry….I live in Bardstown. That’s how the song played out last year….

      I’m obviously not a lyricist…. 😛

  7. Cold-Rain says:

    Maybe the models get one right like the blind squirrel..Interesting analogs showing up if you believe in analogs..1993 ring a bell..Was hoping it drys out heading into march with the colder air but the pipeline from the gulf looks to continue if modeling is correct..Cold air and moisture from the Gulf..Nah it will never happen..

  8. BlizzardTim says:

    A sloppy mess headed north from here in central Tennessee it’s been sleeting snowing and raining most of the morning with temperatures in the mid and upper 30’s!

  9. Jim B says:

    Haha… here we go, good ol reliable GFS, a week out

  10. Russell says:

    Take a ride on the rain train!

  11. feederband says:

    There was a Russian soldier named Rudolph who moved to KY.
    One day he looked out the window and said, “It looks like a
    storm is coming.” “No it isn’t,” said his wife. “Besides, how
    would you know?”
    “Because,” he responded, “Rudolph the Red knows rain,

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