Updating The Weekend Potential

Good evening, everyone. Some areas are getting a taste of winter weather right now, but it’s full steam ahead toward a much bigger system for late this weekend. That’s a developing winter storm that puts our region in the crosshairs.

Before we get to that system, areas of northern Kentucky are getting in on a touch of winter weather. Some light snow accumulations are possible this evening…

As far as the weekend winter storm potential is concerned, here’s a rough timeline to get you started…

It’s still fairly early in the prognostication game, but here’s my latest risk map…

This will likely become a Winter Storm THREAT later tonight or Friday.

The late afternoon computer models continue to have some slight discrepancies. Here’s the GFS…

The new version of the GFS is a little farther south than earlier runs…

The Icon was much farther south…

The European Model continues to be the farthest north of any computer model, but it is a little farther south than prior runs:

I will update things on WKYT-TV tonight at 11 and then again later tonight here on KWC. Make it a good one and take care.

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17 Responses to Updating The Weekend Potential

  1. Jimbo says:

    I see the small risk zone creeping north. One of the next two updates that zone will be north of I64 especially east of Morehead towards Charleston WV.

  2. I hope it moves south where everybody can enjoy the late winter snowfall.

    • BubbaG says:

      Seems destined for the trend- north of I64. South of that the scraps.

      • BubbaG says:

        Again seems a reason CB highlights Region rather than Kentucky. The main risk not Kentucky.

        Back in the olden days of CB blog lore when snow was more a chance, Kentucky was the emphasis and not Region.

        • Mike S says:

          I’m sure if CB meant someone else’s region, he would have specified that. Since most of us here live in Kentucky, “our region”, to me that sounds like he’s talking to the same ones he has addressed for the last 10 yrs.

          • Terry says:

            Did you get a chance to read my post earlier? I am trying to find “official” record data for far SE KY so I can see what the least snowiest winters are. I cant finduch data for small town around here.

            Please reply if you get a chance. Thanks!

          • BubbaG says:

            Didn’t say someone else’s region. Ohio and Tennessee are as example, part of our region. Look at the map above- most of the system is not Kentucky. Semantics are important 🙂

      • Jimbo says:

        Yeah, like I said earlier the only areas at risk will be up near Cincinnati. This Winter has been so dismal the rest of us can’t even count on the dreaded backside flurries.

  3. justin says:

    I hope it just misses us all together. oh if only we could have 70’s and sunshine. *sigh* #teamspring #teamdryout

  4. Allen says:

    All of the sites from weatherbug to weatherundergroud etc all have us in for rain, From 3/4 of an inch to over an inch of rain, At this point i believe that as i just do not see enough cold air to push the storm track that far south and the weather models will bare that out and move that track much farther north tomorrow… If the cold air had been here already then i’d say yeah we got a shot at it but i just don’t see it and it will change with over night model runs… It’s just not our year. Common spring !

  5. Melva says:

    I think for the Ashland area this will turn out to be a few flurries and cold..just like always. Lol.

  6. Russell says:


    • BubbaG says:

      Most of KY will probably miss out. Never doubt the warm air in KY. Most moisture will be gone by the time the air is cold enough. North of I64 for a decent shot for a decent snow.

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