Severe Weather Possible Today

Good Saturday, everyone. We have a very active weather day taking shape across Kentucky as a strong storm system rolls from the Plains into the Great Lakes. This will bring severe thunderstorms and high winds to much of our region through tonight.

The Storm Prediction Center has an Enhanced Risk for severe storms in the west…

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the day may play out:

  • Rounds of strong to severe storms will sweep from west to east through the evening. The greatest risk for severe weather is across the western half of the state.
  • Damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes will be possible.
  • The severe threat diminishes the farther east that you live.
  • Storms may also produce torrential rains that can cause local high water issues.
  • High winds are likely, with or without thunderstorms. Gusts of 50mph to 60mph are possible and would be more than enough to cause some issues.

I have you all set to track today’s severe weather threat. I’ll start things out with your exclusive interactive radar. Don’t forget to use this to watch live feeds from storm chasers anywhere in the country…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

Updates as needed throughout the day. Make it a good one and take care.

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20 Responses to Severe Weather Possible Today

  1. Marsha says:

    Chris old buddy the blog is no fun no more but it’s not your fault this crazy weather no winters no more thunderstorms are no fun I’m always prepared for storms hopefully one day ky will have winters again

  2. Schroeder says:

    I’m beginning to think the same thing that the climate has changed for the Ohio Valley as we no longer have four seasons. When the NWS predicts severe weather they are usually spot on, but when they predict a snowstorm it never materializes. I’m worried that tornadoes are going to be a problem in the next few months as the jet stream is pushing the tornado alley east from the plains. What happened in Alabama CAN HAPPEN HERE IN KENTUCKY. VERY SCARY !!!

    • Prelude says:

      What happen in Alabama can pretty much happen anywhere if everything comes together properly.

      • feederband says:

        Yes it can. The last major tornado outbreak was 1974 so I think we’re overdue.

        • Terry says:

          The early March 2012 was similar to what Alabama had, maybe few less deaths and damage but still very intense for east KY!

        • c-BIV says:

          2012 was rather bad…we were at Tor-con 10. First in history

          • TennMark says:

            Can’t forget the early Feb 2008 Super Tuesday outbreak. Tennessee was especially hard hit, but Kentucky still had seven fatalities and IIRC at least one EF4 tornado.

        • BF says:

          The April 15-16 1998 tornado outbreak was bad too. Nashville and Bowling Green both got hit during that one. I was supposed to go to a job interview in downtown Nashville on the 16th but I cancelled because of all the storms that were firing up. I’m glad I did because I would have been there when the tornado hit.

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. While I am a true snow lover, it is too late in the season now for me to want it. I don’t mind storms, but severe weather scares me somewhat. I love to listen to a long rumble of thunder, but I don’t want it to blow me away either. Either way today is going to be interesting. Hopefully we won’t get too much rain, and storms will stay enough below severe status to keep everyone safe. Have a great Saturday all.

  4. Bobt says:

    The winter that never started is over. Looks like we may get four or five days of good weather coming up and we are getting to the point now where below average won’t be too bad. Time change tonight.

  5. Rickie H says:

    For all that may be in the path for severe storms today , please be careful pay attention to the weather and stay safe. Thank you Chris Bailey for your knowledge that you share with us.

  6. Debbie says:

    Storms coming into Bardstown right now-it’s gotten so dark the street lights in our neighborhood are coming on. Never seen that before. And my one dog, the Mtn. Cur, is at the middle closet, baying and circling…the other day during the Tornado test, she did that when the sirens went off, too. Special Thanks to hubby who had the choice to work or not today. I LOVE being alone during storms! Hope he stops for his own dinner tonight……

  7. Feederband says:

    Large rain shield over west and central KY will inhibit storm development.

  8. Shawon says:

    Well this is the most thunder and lightning I have observed in a thunderstorm in quite some time…and the temperature here is still in the 40’s and my furnace is running.

  9. Virgil E. says:

    Just as I thought.. Severe weather to the South of Tennessee is sucking the energy required for Severe weather here.

  10. Prelude says:

    I don’t understand how is that a bad thing?

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