Gusty Showers To Bring A Shot Of Chill

Good Wednesday, folks. It’s a windy and fairly nice first day of spring, but showers will quickly put an end to that from west to east. These showers are ahead of a cold front dropping into the Commonwealth from the northwest later tonight and Thursday. This front has some chill with it.

Temps today will reach the upper 50s to near 60 in many areas as winds gust up and clouds increase. Showers develop today in the west and spread eastward this evening through early Thursday. Here’s regional radar to keep you company as you eagerly await the arrival of the shower action…

Leftover showers slowly work away from eastern Kentucky on Thursday, but the clouds may be tough to get rid of. Low clouds and a chilly northwest wind may keep temps in the 40s across central and eastern Kentucky.

Friday has a little more chill to it across the central and east with temps in the upper 40s and low 50s. The west will be best.

Temps this weekend should climb into the 50s Saturday then 60s on Sunday as we wait for a bigger system to bowl its way across the state early next week. That system has a healthy temperature gradient to work with.



The pattern taking shape into early April has a very blocky look to it…

Have a good one and take care.

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5 Responses to Gusty Showers To Bring A Shot Of Chill

  1. Ray says:

    Blocky? What is that going to cause? Better not be any April snow this year. Old man winter had all season long, and he’s done absolutely nothing but play games. #TeamSpring

  2. feederband says:

    Happy Spring everyone.

    • Shawon says:


      You know Winter is truly over when people are not coming on here to state that Winter is done.

      • TennMark says:

        Heck, winter might be truly over when winter enthusiasts aren’t coming….. period! Those that love mainly snow have largely bolted from KWC almost before the last flakes of the season fall, not to return until about November.

        If KWC had been around during this time in 1993, this blog would perhaps only be just starting to calm down a little from the crazy aftermath of the Blizzard of 93. 😉

  3. Kim says:

    I’m glad there all gone!! Gheez some of us just might enjoy reading this blog and to see what it’s doing day to day without listening to all the belly aching with the same ole same ole complaining post!! Yee Haw

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