A Nice Looking First Weekend Of Spring

Good Friday, everyone. Our hail producing showers appeared right on schedule yesterday as colder air pressed into the state. This seasonal brand of chill hangs tough to start the weekend, before temps start to climb. All of this continues to be part of a very up and down pattern as we go through the end of March.

Today will find a mix of sun and clouds as another weak system works in from the north and northeast. This will bring some rain and snow showers across areas of Ohio and West Virginia, but should largely avoid Kentucky. I can’t rule out one or two of those sneaking into the far east at some point…

Highs today reach the upper 40s to low 50s in many areas, with middle 50s in the west. Winds will continue to add a chill to the air.

Lows by Saturday morning drop deep into the 20s, but the day looks really nice with afternoon temps reaching the 50s. 60 is possible in the west and south.

Clouds increase on Sunday as thermometers head toward the 60-65 degree range. A few showers develop in the west and overspread the region through Monday…

The air behind that is a little colder than normal, but readings should bounce back very quickly by the middle of the week. That’s when temps take off and make a run at 70, but that would only be temporary. Watch how another system introduces some chill back into the mix to close out March and usher in April…

As we look toward the rest of spring and into Summer, we know an El Nino is ongoing and forecast to get stronger. The CAS model is a seasonal model that’s constructed from analogs based off soil moisture. Obviously, our region is wet as is much of the country.

The CAS  has a cooler than normal and wetter than normal look from April through June…

If we go from June through August, we find more of the same…

I can certainly buy the wet part, but I’m not sold on the really cool part. Like last year, with so much water in the ground, nighttime lows will likely be skewed milder than normal. That skews the overall temps, too.

Make it a great Friday and take care.

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4 Responses to A Nice Looking First Weekend Of Spring

  1. Bobt says:

    Wish we could just get normal weather patterns. True winters, springs, and summers would be nice. Don’t like the talk of another wet year and another cool summer. Let it be hot when it’s supposed to be hot and cold when it’s supposed to be cold. This mild wet setup for winter and summer is just wrong.

    • Terry says:

      I knew it! I already figured several weeks back, El Nino would be a factor for wetter than average rest of the year! Oh well, these past two weeks of dry has really helped a lot in SE KY with at least the Rain Train staying parked away from us for a while.

      • Schroeder says:

        Yeah, March is running below normal on precipitation and hopefully the cool dry weather pattern we are currently in will continue into mid April and then we can start the three H’s : Hazy, Hot, Humid. About ENSO we will have to wait and see if the prediction will affect the Ohio Valley weather from now through 2020.

  2. Virgil E. says:

    I don’t know about the Summer, but the Ashley Madison ads on this page is steaming things up LOL

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