Much Better Weather Blows In

Good Tuesday, everyone. The forecast fro the rest of the week looks much, much better for our part of the world. Skies clean up and the temps get set to increase, leading to a big case of spring fever breaking out. That said, things have a chance of taking on a spring and winter look for the weekend ahead.

Temps today start in the 20s and end around 50 for the north and east, with middle 50s west. Those numbers reach the 60s on Wednesday and have a chance at flirting with 70 by Thursday into Friday. Skies stay mainly dry during this time, but there is a tiny shower chance by the end of the week.

A weekend storm system rolls into the Great Lakes, dragging a cold front slowly across the state later in the day. That could bring some strong thunderstorms to our region. There’s quite a bit of cold air coming in behind this front and there’s a chance for a wave of low pressure to develop along it Sunday. If that’s the case, some winter weather is possible.

That’s certainly what the European has been saying…

We shall see how that works, but the blast of cold is real and will stick around for a day or two. Beyond that, temps come back up into next week and that may roll us into the month of April. The CFS model has a warmer than normal look to it for the month…

Have a good one and take care.

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3 Responses to Much Better Weather Blows In

  1. Shawon says:

    Not often when Chris will post a long range temperature model forecasting red over our part of the world. If true, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is accompanied with a lot more rain…

    • Jamie says:

      Maybe, but if we have plenty of April showers without the April freeze, I’m good with that, as long as the rain’s not overdone. Tired of the “false starts” to Spring. Let’s ease on into it.

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