Severe Threat Later This Week

Good Tuesday, everyone. Warm temps have returned to the bluegrass state, but the severe storms threat is about to take center stage. That arrives ahead of a potent cold front set to swing into town toward the end of the week. That may be followed by another rain and storm maker for the weekend.

Temps today reach the low 80s in many areas as skies stay partly sunny. There’s the slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the north and west.

The setup for the next few days is primed for a major severe weather event from the plains into the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Wednesday’s action is largely centered west of the bluegrass state, but a few strong to severe storms may sneak in later in the day. Here’s the Wednesday Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center…

Thursday into Thursday night is the prime time for severe weather across the bluegrass state. Most of the region is now in the risk area for severe weather…

Damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes are all possible with this particular setup.

The storms will move out early Friday as some cooler air moves in. From there, we are watching the southwestern sky for another potent low pressure to move toward the state. This may bring widespread rain and storms in for the weekend…

That’s from the European Model and it’s certainly something we don’t want to see. Regardless of how much rain, it’s a cool looking pattern this weekend into next week.

Make it a  great day and take care.

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10 Responses to Severe Threat Later This Week

  1. Bobt says:

    I can’t recall an entire weekend of nice weather in 2019. Makes it miserable for a working man to get his yardwork caught up. This pattern has definitely been one to forget. Would love to see a true summer this year.
    I love how people get on here and talk about our “hot and humid ” summer. I’ve seen nothing of the sort for years now. It has become about like Kentucky winters. Maybe a weeks worth of true summer and then back to below normal highs and five days of rain a week. Hate to complain but Kentucky climate is pretty bad unless you are a fan of lots of rain.

    • Terry says:

      By looking at the mesonet and my current year-to-date total at the house, I believe we are slightly ahead of 2018 through May 7th by just a hair more rainfall-to-date. Several mesonet locations are either nearing 30 inches or slightly over on the year and barely past month 4!!!

    • SouthernWVaWildcat says:

      You’re right. It always seems to be sunny Monday-Thursday and stormy Friday-Sunday, at least it is around here, just like clockwork. Gotta love Mother Nature’s timing…

  2. feederband says:

    And again, the SPC forecast 5 days out has changed. They shouldn’t put it out at all.

  3. Matt says:

    My daughter has had soccer practice every Tuesday the last month in a half and weather has been great for every one of them. Weekend has rained every weekend this year seems like, how is this possible where the pattern is that locked in to Thurs-Sunday for rain?

    • SouthernWVaWildcat says:

      It’s been that way for quite some time now. Tuesday has been the pick day of the week probably 80 percent of the time since the beginning of 2018 (not 2019, 2018 my friends!). Don’t ask me why!

    • BF says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Tuesdays. It’s worked out great for me. The National Corvette Museum opens their racetrack up to cyclists, runners, and walkers every Tuesday night so I’ve gotten to ride each week it’s been open. The weather has been beautiful.

  4. Bobt says:

    Since March it has rained 20 of the 30 Fri-Sun days here at home. Only one weekend of the ten has been dry during that time. That’s rain at a 67% clip which is way above normal.

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