Strong Storms Possible Tonight

Good Thursday, everyone. Finally, the warmer air is taking control of the pattern across the bluegrass state. Temps are about to head toward readings more typical of late June, but a few thunderstorms could join in our summer party from time to time.

Temps today are in the 75-80 degree range for many areas as skies take partly sunny. The numbers may be in the low 80s across the west.

Very warm and humid air moves in tonight and Friday. On the leading edge of this, we may see rounds of thunderstorms developing to our northwest and diving into parts of the state. This shouldn’t happen until later this evening or overnight. Can we get some strong or severe storms out of this? The best chance today is to our north, but this does extend into parts of central and eastern Kentucky…

Damaging wind may be the primary issue with these storms.

That possibility then eases a bit on Friday. Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center…

Highs will be deep into the 80s for much of the state as humidity levels ramp it up a bit. As we head into Saturday, temps continue to run well into the 80s with a slight chance for a few storms going up. You can see that action ahead of our plains storm system…

That system to our west will roll into the area on Sunday bringing a much better chance for showers and thunderstorms. A few of these storms could be strong or severe…

After that blows through here, things turn much better for Monday as our warm pattern keeps going. But, another cold front heads our way by later Tuesday and Wednesday. That could bring another round of big boomers our way.

I leave you with your tracking tools to see what action develops to our northwest…

Make it  a great day and take care.

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3 Responses to Strong Storms Possible Tonight

  1. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    A decent outlook.

  2. MarkLex says:

    The nasty nasty thunderstorm that came through Lexington last July that blew trees down around town (including mine) was the last major thunderstorm I remember. It was pretty freaking scary but that’s been it. I haven’t heard thunder in a LONG TIME or it was just such a minor thundershower that I just forgot about it.

    I mean, who wants storm damage and all the red tape that goes along with it? I don’t. But I still like decent storms, just not unsettling ones.

  3. Schroeder says:

    I haven’t heard any thunder since last month at my place here in central Kentucky which means there wasn’t any lightning either which is a good thing. In the last eleven years we lost three TV’s, phones and computer routers due to lightning strikes near the home. When there is a storm now I disconnect all of my appliances as I don’t want to invite disaster.

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