A Cool Blast Of Air After More Storms

Good Friday, everyone. We are closing out the month of May with scattered showers and thunderstorms going up. That looks to be how the month of June starts, but it will come with a catch. A much cooler pattern settles in, with a very cool shot ahead before the weekend is over.

As always, let us begin with today and roll forward. Highs will be mainly be in the 70s with scattered showers and storms popping, especially in the central and east. Small hail and heavy rains will be possible…

Saturday is a breezy and mainly dry day as temps make a run at 80 degrees. Showers and thunderstorms will quickly increase from the northwest by evening and that will carry us into early Sunday…

This is a big blast of very cool air diving into the region from the northwest…

That will bring our numbers way, way down and even make it feel more like fall than the start of meteorological Summer. Check out the GFS low temps for Monday morning…

Yes, the model actually has some upper 30s showing up in southeastern Kentucky. That’s likely a little too cool, but that’s still amazing to see in early June.

Highs on Monday may not get to 70 in some spots…

The pattern looks fairly active beyond early next week and it’s one that likely turns us pretty wet once again. Check out the rain forecast for the next few weeks…



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11 Responses to A Cool Blast Of Air After More Storms

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Really not liking the wet pattern showing up. I can handle cool.

  2. Terry says:

    LOL….Black Mt will get a June freeze if Harlan makes it down to 40. NWS and other sites have Harlan in the upper 40s to 50 which is likely more correct, but still impressive!

  3. Schroeder says:

    That’s why Rhododendron’s grow wild in those areas. It’s all about temperature when it comes to plant species.

    • Terry says:

      True but it want happen. Those maps are almost always over done with the cold with Chris already mentioning it but still unusually cool for June!

  4. Schroeder says:

    Maybe our Summer weather is over ? NOT LOL. Everyone enjoy the break while it last. I know Jimbo will and me too !

  5. TennMark says:

    Anniversary of large, particularly violent and somewhat out of place tornado outbreak in Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio, and also the Canadian province of Ontario. Along with a slew of F4s, Pennsylvania’s only recorded F5 occurred (to date, no EF5s since introduction of EF scale). Some of the tornadoes traversed mountainous terrain.


  6. BH says:

    It’s wet here in Southern Ohio. With all that ground moisture out in the Central US it’s hard to think that moisture won’t continue to work east all summer for us. That should hold the 90 degree day count down. But it will be a muggy summer.

  7. Schroeder says:

    If it sets up a zonal flow like last Summer it will.

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