Flash Flood Threat Increases

Good Friday, folks. It’s another day of showers and storms slowly working across the bluegrass state. This setup will hold through Monday and is bringing additional flooding issues to the waterlogged bluegrass state. These rains will get a little booster shot of tropical moisture, as well. Behind all this comes a very cool pattern for the middle of June.

This setup is doing exactly what we have been setting the table for over the past week. Nothing good comes from a stalled boundary and tropical moisture meeting up right on top of us. Rounds of showers and storms will continue to fire up today, bringing more torrential rains to the area. Flash flooding issues are likely to develop, let’s just hope it’s not in some of the same areas hard hit on Thursday.

Here are your tracking tools for the day…

This low continues to spin SLOWLY across the Tennessee Valley on Saturday, bringing spiraling bands of showers and storm with it. With the counterclockwise spin from low pressure, you should be able to see that on radar, too.

Sunday finds a similar setup with the slow-moving low across the region, but we will also notice a front dropping in from the northwest. That won’t make it in here until Monday, but it should be able to help ignite additional rounds of showers and thunderstorms. Fronts hitting this much moisture can really squeeze out a lot of rain. Check out the European Model rain forecast through Monday night…

This could get very ugly at times, folks.

That system slowly moves away late Monday into Tuesday as temps continue to run cooler than normal. Another system will then drop in from the northwest by the middle of the week. That could bring some more showers and storms and unleash even cooler temps…

Have a great day and take care.

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23 Responses to Flash Flood Threat Increases

  1. Terry says:

    Luckily, Harlan has missed this so far. Basically, it has only sprinkled here since yesterday afternoon when all of that nonsense started. Mts are strange at deflecting rain here at times while enhancing it at other times.

    • Schroeder says:

      Terry, the rain train track is right through my county of Taylor. Then I wake up this morning to a flash flood watch with heavy rain forecast through Sunday UGH !

      • Terry says:

        It is trying to nudge in on me now. I will probably get slammed today.

        I am now at 32.40 in on the year and slightly ahead of last year this time through June 7th!!!!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Of course it’s going to be cool and rainy. Mom (coffeelady76) and dad just put in a pool.

  3. Bobt says:

    Another wet and cool summer in Kentucky. Who would of thought that? Summer is supposed to be sunshine and heat and we can’t get either one. Need to put dirt in those pools because they can’t get enough use in this new climate. It rarely gets hot or cold, just have to use the term “cool” for all seasons.

    • THE ROOSTER says:

      Signed a contract in late August of 2012 to start the digging for our pool & since then it has been nothing but rainy summers! Only remember 2-3 times that the concrete around the pool has been too hot for bare feet!
      Also next weekend is Lake Cumberland Thunder Run, fear is a higher lake level with debris & probably rain 🙁

  4. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    I have nothing good to say.

  5. Schroeder says:

    What’s really scary is the lack of farm activity as well as recreation in our area. I don’t know Bobt this may be our new climate ?

    • Terry says:

      Since 2000, almost all of the top ten wettest years have been within the last 10 since the 1800s. I wish we had data farther back prior to 1800s to get a better picture of weather patterns, cycles and events.

  6. Schroeder says:

    I think El nino is mixed up in this.

  7. Terry says:

    With data coming in coupled with how much rain has already fallen, I have a strong feeling parts of the state may have the worst flooding since at least July 2015, if not even some historic flooding! This is an impressive/dangerous rainfall setup. Harlan is not even in the main band but I still got over a half inch in less than an hour between 9 and 10 and still raining. I will soon have an inch on the day!

  8. Leeann says:

    We now have four seasons in Ky: cool and rainy, cool and rainy, warm and rainy, and cool and rainy. And mosquitoes year round.

  9. BubbaG says:

    All this rain, little chance of getting CB rowdy with drought talk 🙁

  10. Chris Mercer says:

    At this point, the only river reporting flood conditions in Kentucky is the Mississippi River along the far Western counties and a bit of the Ohio River (backwater flooding from the Mississippi) from about Wickliffe to Paducah. Through yesterday, Lexington had recorded 0.07 inches of rain for June and was about six inches behind last years’ pace.

  11. Terry says:

    Sun is coming out in Harlan, just a little, but it should help destabilize ahead of that mini low in Central TN…looks rough for very heavy rain in SE KY later this evening!

    • Andy Rose says:

      So far thankfully I have only received 2.5 since the 1st half of that fell today.

      • Terry says:

        About the same for me at 2.60 with about half today. Whether or not we have any issues really depends on on the exact concentration of heavy rain a little later this evening. It is dry for now in Harlan but peaks of sun and very steamy with dewpoint in low 70s here!

  12. Troy says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is complaining (usually I’m the chronic complainer)….I can’t speak for the entire state, but here on the southern border, we had hot and dry conditions for nearly the entire month of May so after that very nice break from the rain, I won’t be complaining about a few days of it over the next week.

    • Terry says:

      I am concerned this even mostly for flash flooding in our far SE KY counties as that low moves over. Other than that, I have no complaints as we had a nice April and May down here!

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