Storms Increase As We Watch The Gulf

Good Wednesday, everyone. We are dealing with heat and humidity and scattered storms today, but a cold front is set to bring us a little relief over the next few days. From there, our weather setup is all about what happens with a developing tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico.

As always, let’s begin with today and roll forward. Highs are generally in the low 90s for many, but the heat index will reach the mid and upper 90s at times. 100 degree heat index values are a good bet across the western half of the state.

Scattered storms will flare up ahead of a cold front, but the best threat for storms comes later tonight into Thursday. Some of the Thursday storms may even be on the strong side. Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook for Thursday…

Any storm that goes up will have torrential rains that can also cause local high water issues. Here are today’s storm tracking tools…

Temps do come down some for Thursday into Friday, with Friday feeling pretty nice for this time of year.

Steamy air returns this weekend and is likely to bring the chance for a few storms back into the picture.

This brings us to our developing tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico. “Barry” is slowly becoming organized and should head toward Louisiana later this week…

Here’s the latest forecasts from the various hurricane models…

The GFS Ensembles…

Landfalling tropical systems from Louisiana usually have an impact our weather and I think this may very well be the case with Barry.

Here is my very early call…

If it is to impact our region, the prime time for that to happen would be early next week.

Have a great day and take care.

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7 Responses to Storms Increase As We Watch The Gulf

  1. Terry says:

    I know the humidity is something else this week. My Harlan low is currently only down to 72 with a dewpoint of 72 and foggy at 5AM. This storm may be more of a west KY direct impact which is the norm but even SE KY likely gets some moisture and a ton of humidity next week!

  2. MarkLex says:

    Do you notice the mesonet for Lexington is always much cooler than KLEX? KLEX will be 91 or 92 and the mesonet will be 87…. So I’m left wondering which is accurate… then I turn to my car thermometers and my own thermometer and they are all low 90s……Also, my part of Lexington hasn’t had ONE single (not even 1) strong storm this entire year. Heavy rain, yes….storms, not so much.

  3. TennMark says:

    Nice to get a stretch of dry days. Seeing dry dirt a lot more, where as a few weeks ago it was all wet ground/mud.

    Some brief thundershowers and leftover cloud cover today around Nashville, about .05 inch in my rain gauge. Brought down the air temperature but not the high dewpoints 😉 . My workplace had a partial AC failure this morning (including my office) but with fans and using other areas of the building still cool we got by. Goes to show redundancy helps. Like many older homes, our little house only has one central AC unit for the entire house so if it goes….

  4. Terry says:

    ….your wife want survive. (LOL) I remember how you mention often your wife has to have AC. Actually, I like my indoors cool but generally around 72 is fine for me. I can tolerate outdoors warm better than I can inside fir some reason. I hate being hot inside, especially at night.

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