A Few Days Of Heat Before We Turn Cool

Good Thursday, everyone. Before Barry developed, I talked about some “real deal heat” developing around tropical systems. Well, what’s left of Barry is moving out and the “real deal heat” is developing into the coming weekend. The good news is… It won’t last very long as a blast of September air moves in early next week.

Let’s start with today and roll forward. Highs are generally in the upper 80s and low 90s, but humidity levels are way up. That will give us a heat index ranging from the mid and upper 90s in the east to the 100-105 range for areas of western and northern Kentucky. With tropical moisture around, we are going to see more in the way of scattered showers and storms going up. Just like the past few days, not everyone sees storms, but heavy rains are possible. Here are your trackers…

Friday and Saturday feature the hottest days of the summer. Daytime highs range from 90-95 in many areas with a heat index above 100 for many. I know there’s an Excessive Heat Warning (heat index of 110 or higher for 2 straight hours or more or 4 straight days of 105 or higher for 2 consecutive hours on each day ) out for many, but we seem to be lowering the standards for that. This is Heat Advisory material for many in central and eastern Kentucky and some may struggle to even get to that (105 for 2 straight hours or more).

A few storms will go up during the afternoon hours for Friday and Saturday, with an increase in storms for Sunday. This is ahead of a strong cold front ready to blast through here on Monday. That could spark some pretty big boomers as much cooler air crashes in behind it…

Highs for Tuesday and Wednesday may not get out of the 70s as lows reach the 50s.

Happy Thursday and take care.

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22 Responses to A Few Days Of Heat Before We Turn Cool

  1. Andy Rose says:

    2.5 inches of rain since midnite in knox

    • Schroeder says:

      0.61 inches of rain yesterday in Taylor County.

      • Andy Rose says:

        What I had fell between 3:30am and 5 am this morning.

        • Terry says:

          It was gunning for Harlan but mostly fell apart as usual this time of the year thanks to the mts and shear! I still received enough though and am just right with a wetter but not excessively wet ground. I bet areas in Knox Co are nearing 50 inches on the year as I just hit 40 but you all have had a ton more rain than me since June!!!

          • Andy Rose says:

            After this mornings ditch cleaner I am at 45 inches and that is without getting the big rains the last week or 2. I seen on person’s driveway was completely washed away.

  2. Mike S says:

    I agree with you CB about the heat advisory for much of central and eastern Kentucky. The heat warning for areas along and west of I65 still looks good to me, especially for the heat island surrounding the ‘Ville.

    I recorded 1.37″ for the 17th of July. Two impressive cells hit my area within an hour or so of each other

  3. Schroeder says:

    I don’t care where you live anywhere in the state it’s still going to be miserable ! Stay safe for those who have jobs outdoors. I hope the cool pans out for next week but not the severe weather. Right now the weather model for cool in our region is more eye candy.

    • Terry says:

      I say we get cool but it lasts about 3 days tops next week. The only way we stay 10 plus below average more than 3 days this time of the year would be a ton of rain and clouds but the humidity would make it feel not as cool. Hopefully we have 3 cool and dry days next week…I don’t buy it lasting much longer than 3 days myself!

      • Prelude says:

        I agree 3-4 days tops and really temperatures just 3-5 degrees below what normal highs should be this time of year. It’ll feel a whole lot better just because the humidity levels will be in check. I’ll give it to next weekend and the heat and humidity will be back. We still have the whole month of August to deal with.

  4. Terry says:

    The rain still mostly missed Harlan compared to nearby counties but I got close to an inch yesterday and last night. The rain was enough to push me over the 40 inch mark year-to-date! With it being drier lately, I was slightly ahead of 2018 year-to-date but now about a tie as I hit 40 inches last near the end of July. It depends on how wet late summer and fall are if my area or any part of the state/region exceed 2018 for the new rainiest year on record. It is unlikely we have an autumn as wet as last year but it could happen again.

  5. Terry says:

    The dewpoints are key to any extreme heat index values and we are super muggy with this air ma*s*s! Haran’s dewpoint has been above 70 for days and only dropped to 73 last night which was also my low. Current dew point is 74! It will only have to reach around 89 or 90 with my current dewpoint for index to be 100. I think Eastern KY will have enough scattered storms/clouds to mostly stay around 90 this weekend any probably under 105 for the heat index but your area looks slightly drier with a better chance for higher temps/heat index for sure in the heat island!

  6. Schroeder says:

    Power at my house and others just came on. It’s a great day to have your power go off ! LOL

  7. MarkLex says:

    I don’t get why 105 or above is dangerous yet 100 to 105 isn’t? I mean, it’s all hot and oppressive. I’m not sure if you were out working in a heat index of 103 vs a heat index of 107 if you would even be able to tell. I would think both could cause heat stroke.

    • Prelude says:

      Look at as if you’re in the winter can you feel a difference from a 32 degree temperature when things start freezing up to a 34 degree temperature where everything is ok? Probably not. Maybe that 105+ feel temperature for several hours is the criteria to where the body starts having issues with the heat.

  8. Winterlover says:

    So far the clouds have kept the temperature in check here in far western ky today. The muggy air pretty thick though..

  9. Schroeder says:

    Have a great afternoon and evening folks. Unless your young and strong I would not spend too much time outside with the temperatures in the low 90’s and dew points in the mid 70’s. That is dangerous for a person of my age. Most importantly keep yourself well hydrated with water !

  10. Mike S says:

    Any temperature above 100 degrees can be dangerous, since our bodies have to work harder to maintain our internal temperature of 98.6 degrees. Yes, a dry heat would feel more comfortable since our bodies can cool more efficiently, but you still sweat and therefore have to replenish loss fluids by drinking water, or else you’ll be miserable. But, when it’s humid, you know you’re sweating because you’re wearing it; you might drink extra water but still feel miserable, because your body cannot cool efficiently.

  11. Winterlover says:

    Well I open my mouth to wide LOL. The clouds has broken up and the sun is out the heat will be turn on !!

  12. Terry says:

    I am not trying to open a can worms but Chris has mentioned how the weather world is “getting soft” with the Heat Advisory/Excessive Heat Warning critera… same with the cold. I feel like the cold is way over hyped with the snow at times during winter. Harlan, Bell and Knox got out of school two days straight in February and it stayed ABOVE 10 Degrees down here FOR LOWS but school called out just because northern KY was below zero with the political showdown due someone’s comment that schools shouldn’t be out for that level of cold…LOL!

    I agree with Chris with the heat/cold but not enough Warnings/Advisories/Watches for flooding and snow at times when there could be much, much more!

  13. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Richmond getting hammered!

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