Strong Storms Usher In A Fall Feel

Good Sunday, everyone. We have showers and storms increasing across the bluegrass state today and this continues into Monday. That’s when a strong cold front sweeps in from the northwest and that will bring a surge of late September temperatures into the region.

Temps today come down from where we have been, but the air is still going to be super muggy and super tropical. That will aid in the development of showers and storms that can put down torrential rains for some. The best chance for severe storms is just to our north, but a few boomers can briefly go severe today…

As the front settles into the state on Monday, there is a better chance for a few severe storms. Here’s the Monday Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center…

The torrential rain threat will continue into Monday, so don’t be surprised to hear about local flash flooding through Monday night.

As the front crashes through here late Monday, you will be able to tell the different in just a few minutes. Temps and humidity levels will both drop in a hurry. That kind of a pronounced drop isn’t something very common during the summer months.

Highs for Tuesday and Wednesday may not get out of the 70s for many areas. An extended run of lows in the 50s will be possible.

Folks, those are numbers that are WELL BELOW normal and we could even get in the vicinity of a record low on Wednesday.

Here is the Sunday edition of your storm tracking toys…

Make it a great Sunday and take care.

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9 Responses to Strong Storms Usher In A Fall Feel

  1. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    I cannot wait to feel the cooler air.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Lexington and south and east of my County of Taylor have a completely different forecast as far as the temperature change. The only change in my county will be a five degrees cooler than it is now and the dew point will lower into the low 60’s for just a few days. I will take whatever comes I have no choice in the weather type. The forecast for any storms or much needed rain for my area is forecast to be scattered at best over the next couple of days.

  3. Schroeder says:

    I remember late September temperatures where the highs were in the upper 50’s and lows around freezing with frost and Fall foliage beginning to color. Oh how the weather patterns have changed. In my opinion, until the Gulf of Mexico waters cool off along with the other Oceans and seas on Earth we will continue not to have what I described above. The Solar cycle we are currently in, is cooling the Earth, but it will take many years before we will see a difference in the weather and seasonal changes. You are saying now” oh, that’s just Schroeder being negative again” No it isn’t, as I have been studying climatology and meteorology for over sixty years and have just recently come to the above conclusion. My opinion is base on my findings not conspiracies. After finding all of this out and being a snow lover I see no reason to continue my comments.

  4. Chris Mercer says:

    Record low for Lexington on Wednesday (the 24th) is 55 degrees. If we are anywhere close to that, I’ll be thrilled.

  5. Ultimo says:

    I do not mind the heat so much. I am looking forward to some cooler air though. The thing with this setup has been the humidity levels and stuff for so long. Just so hard to cool down when you go outside. And it has been like this most days for a while. I try to jog and do outside work around it but impossible. So the sweat just pours. I do not think I sweated this much when I worked in Arizona and it was 105 real temp.

  6. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Got out of the Barbasol venue just in time wow.

  7. Farmer 43 says:

    I can’t believe you turn on news in Louisville area and top story is the heat ive lived in Kentucky all my life I’m 45 years old are u kidding me top story sure it’s hot but nothing really strange but every news story is full of adjectives relentless dangerous searing excessive heat warnings what a joke I’m a farmer and work outside everyday this weather is not even worthy of a news story I think we as a society need to toughen up a little bit I watched my grandparents go there whole life with no air conditioning they lived into their nineties they did just fine most of the news stories they report on are all about city life anyways most of them don’t even go outside other than for a festival or golf or the lake

  8. Terry says:

    Mostly missed Harlan as usual but I received 0.11 today. Also, not as humid with current dewpoint down to 71. Actually, I can tell a difference from mid and upper 70s dewpoints to low 70s dewpoints.

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