Strong To Severe Storms Possible

Good Tuesday, everyone. A cold front is working across the state today, bringing the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms. There is also a quick shot of sizzle right ahead of this front, but the numbers come back to normal or a touch below by Wednesday.

Our day begins with a complex of strong to severe storms dropping in from the northwest. This is bringing a damaging wind threat for many.. Some sunshine along and ahead of our front will combine with a big time surge of humidity to make it feel like a sauna for a few hours. Heat index values may hit 100 in a few spots, but only if the sun comes out.

By the afternoon hours, thunderstorms should begin to crank once again, but the front is already on top of us as this happens. That means the greatest threat for storms is across the southern and eastern halves of the Commonwealth. That’s where today’s severe storms risk is the greatest…

Scattered showers and storms will be around Wednesday as our temps come down. This is actually a nice brand of air settling in through Thursday as the numbers are back to below normal on average. That’s something we’ve seen more times than not over the past week. Check out the 5 day temperature anomalies from last Wednesday through this past Sunday…

Temps should increase this weekend and early next week, but we will need to be mindful of the potential for a few storms to drop in here from the northwest.

Here are your Tuesday severe storms tracking toys…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible Watch Areas
Current MDs

Make it a great day and take care.

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19 Responses to Strong To Severe Storms Possible

  1. Terry says:

    It appears that the overnight cluster mostly fell apart around Louisville with the heaviest rain both SW of town and newer storms firing NE of town. I hope you all get a little more later but the better dynamics will be farther south of this area!

  2. Coffeeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Already looking stormy on radar as I type this. But we have had very little rain over the past week so if we can get some I would be tickled pink! In any event, looks like a typical summer
    day to me. Here’s to some rain and thunder. Would prefer nothing severe but I don’t control that. Have a great Tuesday everyone.

  3. Mike S says:

    As far as that anomaly map is concerned, it’s trash. Louisville, Lexington, Paducah, Jackson, and Bowling Green were all between 1 and 2.5 degrees ABOVE normal for that time period. Even the Covington/Cincinnati area was at least 0.5 degrees above average during that time. London was near average, and even slightly above for that time period of the 7th through the 11th.

  4. Bus Haynes says:

    Were getting some well needed rain here in Southern Ohio.

  5. Schroeder says:

    I hope everyone gets at lease an inch of rain today without the severe weather.

  6. feederband says:

    I woke this morning to the sound of thunder, how far off I sat a wondered. It sounded sooo gooood. Glad we got a little rain. I lost my little dog yesterday. I heard it barking and my Weim finally found it. It had fallen in a crack in my yard. It’s like the freakin Grand Canyon. Either my yard is a mud pit or a desert.

  7. Schroeder says:

    The warmer than normal Oceans and seas around the world are causing widespread warming over all land m@sses including the Arctic region. To date no explanation.

  8. Terry says:

    Looks good for Louisville at the moment with widespread heavy rain on the next set of storms. I hope you all get an inch but even a half inch is better than nothing. SE KY may get hit good as the daytime heating should help this cluster survive and possibly intensify as it want reach my area until around noon to 2PM

  9. Schroeder says:

    Not much rain with this line of very weak thundershowers as they p@ss through the northern side of Taylor County. Heat advisory just to our south.

  10. Mike S says:

    0.59″ at the Louisville SDF today. Still under 2″ since July 1. I had 0.58″ just southwest of the airport this morning. Some parts of the county have seen anywhere from 0.20″ to over 1″.

    • Prelude says:

      A little over a half inch is better than nothing still need more and by the looks of things whatever you got today maybe it for awhile.

    • Mark says:

      0.75” near Fern Creek. The first line about 4am completely fall apart as it moved into Louisville, so it was looking like game over at that point. The second area of showers / storms after sunrise saved the southern half of the city from slipping deeper into near drought status. A welcome soaking rain, even if amounts weren’t overly high. The pattern starting this weekend is looking more favorable for repeating storm chances, so maybe today’s rain is the beginning of the end of this drier than normal spell.

  11. Schroeder says:

    Right now ” THE HEAT IS ON” very little rain if any fell anywhere in my county of Taylor. Looks like it’s too late for the crops and gardens anyway, very low harvest. I noticed that the native trees are starting to go dormant in the forest around my home. Early Fall may be up on us.

  12. Andy Rose says:

    No measurable rain today.

    • Terry says:

      A whopping. 12 here which fell at lunchtime. I hope for more here but the best energy is slipping into East TN. It stinks but typical August weather.

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