More Sizzle and A Few Storms

Good Sunday to one and all. We have another hot and humid day taking shape across the Commonwealth. A few scattered showers and storms may try to join the party, but those look very isolated. Changes do show up for the week ahead as a cold front gets ready to press in here with an increase in storms and a decrease in temps.

I’m also going to take a look at the rest of August into the middle of September.

As usual, let’s talk about today right off the bat. Temps will generally be in the lower 90s for many areas with humidity levels adding to the uncomfortableness of the air. Any shower or storm would be welcome, but don’t hold your breath on one. Here’s regional radar in case you do…

Scattered showers and storms will be noted on Monday and Tuesday as temps stay in a similar range to today…

A cold front then enters the picture by Wednesday, with several models now slowing this down through Thursday. That would bring us a prolonged chance for showers and storms…

Cooler air comes in behind that for the end of the week into the weekend, but a back and forth temperature pattern is likely to follow that. This should skew warmer than normal, but may also skew wetter than normal. The GFS Ensembles continue to show above average rainfall over the next two weeks. Here are the rainfall departures…

This wetter than normal trend is echoed by the CFS Weekly forecasts. Here are the weekly temperature and precipitation anomalies…

I know those aren’t the best maps, but they give you a good look at the setup across North America.

If we expand that out through the first two weeks of September, the CFS goes cooler than normal for much of the country…

That is an interesting look and one I wouldn’t really complain too much about. 🙂

Have a great day and take care.

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31 Responses to More Sizzle and A Few Storms

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Those long term maps have not panned out very well of late, but that’s not CB’s fault. 🙂

    • Schroeder says:

      Weather models are hard for me to understand but that is what we have for meteorologist to inform the public of possible weather changes in the weeks and months ahead. Accuracy will improve as time moves forward into the future on all these weather models.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, Enjoyed reading the weather blog this morning. Didn’t quite understand all the weather models leading us up to mid September. I will have to study it several times before it soaks into my brain. LOL

  3. Schroeder says:

    Just got through reading the comments from yesterday. WOW ! thirty comments. Chris, I hope you didn’t mind me bringing up that political controversy on Climate Change. I was just upset when they reported on the news that the snow in the Arctic contained plastic particles. When and if it snows this coming Fall and Winter I am going to make my own test to verify that this is false and I suggest that everyone in the state of Kentucky including you Chris do the same. Chris I’ve said this before you have the BEST commentators on your GREAT WEATHER BLOG and I really means this but there is still a great deal for me to learn in the subject of Meteorology. Everyone have a great Sunday and a quiet Sunday evening.

  4. Winterlover says:

    All I’m gonna say stay cool folks and have a good day.

    • Schroeder says: Here is the real story on why the rising sea levels are not happening. The Earth is undergoing NATURAL changes and has been since the last ICE AGE which no one on Earth knows anything about it is just speculation without any facts. Humans have no clue what is really going on with Earth’s natural cycles because there is no time really to measure this. It’s a mute point. I will not discuss this anymore. We all will just have to take one day at a time and whatever weather we have we will have to except.

  5. jackson says:

    So over all this heat and humidity…fall can’t get here fast enough.

  6. Winterlover says:

    Thanks Schroeder. Good link so there’s no proof that the ocean levels is risen like they predicted 20-30 years ago.

    • Schroeder says:

      Correct, those are their conclusions. I think scientist should focus on what is going on with our SUN. I have read that we have entered a solar cycle in which the Arctic will drastically get colder and expand into the beginnings of the next ICE AGE. Didn’t scientist bring this up after those brutal Winters of the late 1970’s without any facts to back it up ? A program on the TV back then called ” In Search of ” was about the ICE AGE was already here and by the turn of the century we would all starve and freeze to death. Didn’t happen it’s a moot point. I, we just don’t have the ability to understand.

  7. Schroeder says:

    Adding to the above there are believers that the Earth enters dimensions each and every second but we don’t have the ability to detect that the changing dimensions are occurring. Real way out stuff or is it.

  8. Schroeder says:

    I did it again over commenting. I should not do this as it doesn’t let others in to express their views. I apologize for this. Again, have a quiet Sunday evening.

  9. Mike S says:

    It has hit 96 degrees at my house in Valley Station within the last hour.

  10. MarkLex says:

    Our power bills are going to be outrageous. I feel like it’s been 90 each day for a long time now…..Mine should be coming out any day now and I’m so afraid to look at it, especially since last months was unusually low.

  11. Winterlover says:

    Linus two years ago they. we’re in a drought and some of there Forest were burning. Weather comes in cycles.

    • Linus says:

      That has nothing to do with drought or rainfall, hence sunny day flooding. It is being caused by the rising ocean levels that now cause flooding in the city during high tide.

  12. Winterlover says:

    In my lifetime June,July and August has always been hot and muggy. That’s just the nature of it and it yes it expands to early September and October at times. Kentucky just has to be the most sticky and hot during the summer in the nation. Always has been and always will.

    • Prelude says:

      I think anyone who lives south of the mason dixon feels their state has got to be the most sticky and hot during the summer months.

      • Winterlover says:

        Prelude, it has béen said ky is more sticky than what goes on down south at times. It’s just the timing of how the cold fronts compress the warm air to our south.

    • Terry says:

      KY is fairly hot and humid for sure but likely not the hottest as Louisana and other Deep South areas are smoking hot and humid closer to the Gulf and rarely see the occasional cold fronts we get here from June to August.

  13. Terry says:

    Harlan is still 92 this late in the evening, of course you can’t go by the Mesonet thrown 3, 000ft higher up than me but still dang hot! Madison County Mesonet was the hottest today at over 96 as far as Mesonets go. Y’all hot enough in Richmond? LOL

  14. Winterlover says:

    We got a pretty good shower going on here in Union. Co with lot of lighting and has cool us down to 80 degrees. I don’t know about your guys we have experience more lighting this summer than past past summers just saying my opinion.

  15. Mike S says:

    It appears CB’s forecast on Friday underplayed the temperatures for the weekend for Lexington. A ‘dry’ ground tends to do that, you know.

  16. Mike S says:

    Despite an unusually wet June, Louisville is now running below normal for the summer, and Lexington is only about 0.40″ above normal after finishing June nearly 3″ above normal, thereby surrendering over 2.5″ over the last 45 days and change.

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