A Nice Feeling Weekend

Good Saturday, everyone. A cold front continues to slide just to our east and south today, delivering another shot of very nice temperatures. The pleasant numbers will roll with us through Sunday, but a surge of steam is on the way as we head into next week.

Let us begin with today and roll forward. Today will be a slow starter across central and eastern Kentucky as clouds linger into the early afternoon, at least. There’s even a small shower chance early on today…

Highs are generally in the 70s with a quick drop through the 60s setting up for the evening. Overnight lows drop back into the 50s.

Sunday is another fairly nice weather day as clouds stream back in from the west. Once again, highs may not get out of the upper 70s for several areas.

The clouds are ahead of a scattered shower or thunderstorm trying to show up by Sunday night into Monday. This action is on the leading edge of of very toasty temps surging in here for the middle of the week. Check out the ridge developing…

Temps will be in the upper 80 to around 90 with humidity levels on the rise. This should lead to a few showers and storms going up, especially ahead of a late week front working in from the west…

Overall, I continue to maintain September is likely to average warmer than normal, so we have a bit to go before true fall can settle in.

Hurricane Dorian continues to quickly work toward the northeast in the western Atlantic, but is delivering one last shot to areas of New England…

Check out how far north Dorian is expected to get…

cone graphic

Nothing a hurricane making landfall in Nova Scotia! The official forecast keeps this as a Tropical Storm all the way to just south of Greenland… GREENLAND!

The tropics are really just getting started as we have a few more systems brewing in the Atlantic…

A few more systems could very well threaten the US before September is out.

Enjoy your Saturday and take care.

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5 Responses to A Nice Feeling Weekend

  1. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    I am going to maintain that Oct., Nov., &Dec. temps. will be above normal.

    • BubbaG says:

      Countering with average to slightly below.

      BTW, getting dry so seems sporadic storms might not be enough to keep the D word away at some point…. Just because it rains in a few spots does not mean the D word is not a factor.

      Hopefully more widespread events, rather than what has been taking place.

  2. Leisa says:

    We moved to the Indianapolis area, anyone know a reliable meteorologist like Chris for this area??

  3. Cameron Fry says:

    I have a bad feeling it’s going to take something BIG like a Gulf hurricane or an early fall severe weather outbreak to buck this awful pattern we’re stuck in. 🙁 If CB is on the blowtorch train, you know it’s bad.

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