A Nice Break For The Weekend

Good Friday, folks. We’ve made it to the end of the week, but those hot temps are hanging tough for one more day. As we head into the weekend, we will see a much better feeling brand of air moving into the region. That’s certainly good news. The bad news? Temps turn toasty again early next week as we watch the tropics.

Let’s begin with today because things could get a little active for some as a cold front drops in. Ahead of this front, temps are back into the 90s with high humidity levels. A couple of showers and storms could flare up, but much of the action will be along and ahead of the front this evening. There’s even a small risk for a few strong or locally severe storms.

Here’s the area the SPC is highlighting for the low-end chance…

Your tracking tools for the day…

The front continues to press into the state overnight as showers and storms push farther south and east into the state. This still isn’t a widespread rain event by any means, but some locally heavy downpours will show up.

This front sags to our south on Saturday as much cooler and drier air settles in, but a few leftover showers and storms should linger in the south and east. Temps are still a bit above normal, but nothing like what we’ve been seeing of late.

Sunday starts in the 50s then warms deep into the 80s. 90 degree temps are a good bet AGAIN early next week. At the same time, a tropical system is gathering steam and should get named early this weekend as it heads across the Bahamas and into Florida. This storm no longer looks like it will cross into the Gulf. Instead, it may hug the southeast coast…

cone graphic

With this storm no longer looking like a Gulf system, that totally changes the look around here for the rest of next week.

As this storm meanders across the southeast coast, it may have another one developing quickly behind it in the Caribbean…

The potential of two tropical systems not far from the east coast at the same time means some wild model swings are coming. What happens with these two will obviously have a huge say in the weather across our part of the world. That’s especially true with a deepening trough likely to dig into the eastern part of the country.

Make it a great Friday and take care.

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13 Responses to A Nice Break For The Weekend

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, I’m glad that my absents has help your comment section. I read all the comments yesterday and was really impress with the wisdom of all the commentators. Keep it up guys and gals. I learned that meteorology is not a subject for me to study. Just too many factors for me to learn. Hope the Fall and Winter get here soon for all of us. God Bless to all.

  2. Cameron Fry says:

    Concerning fall’s arrival, there’s not even if the appearance of hope in the LR. Just a bunch of upper 80’s/low 90’s. :/

  3. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    Nothing really going on with the radar at this time.
    I guess that tells the whole story.

  4. Mike S says:

    Since we could not camp in Myrtle Beach (thanks Dorian), we spent all of our time in the Smokies. Camping, hiking, swimming in the cold Little Pigeon river, riding the Alpine coaster at night, eating at Paula Deen and the Old Mill restaurants, seeing a mother bear and her two cubs galloping across one of the roads not far from Rainbow Falls, vintage roadsters lined up along the main route in Pigeon Forge, oh, and sampling The End hot sauce (they make you sign a waiver). Not really good flavor, just ridiculous heat. Not quite as ridiculous as our hot and dry weather, but it was hot and dry there too (mid 90’s in Pigeon Forge but 30 degrees cooler at a crowded Clingman’s Dome).

  5. Bryan says:

    Ridiculously hot, and everything suggests more of the same BS heat ridge deep into October.

    There are days I argue against Climate change, the past few days I’ve kept my mouth shut.

  6. Mark says:

    What a horrible pattern we are stuck in. The ridge of death is going nowhere soon. Tomorrow looks “cooler” but still above normal before the 90’s return for the foreseeable future. Starting tomorrow, an almost zero rain chance for the next week. By that time, we will be approaching the final week of September with no measurable rain having fallen. These mega troughs the models show in the 7-10 day time range seem to be nothing more than illusions right now. The GFS (both new and old), especially, has been a completely useless model as of late.

    • SkiWi says:

      Getting them all warmed up to be wrong in Winter.

    • Mike S says:

      If no rain today in my part of Jefferson County KY, it will be 18 consecutive days without measurable rainfall along with searing 90+ degree heat sapping whatever moisture is in the ground.

      • Mark says:

        The top 4 inches of soil moisture is bone dry now. Shallow rooted trees are looking quite stressed. Deep rooted trees are fine. I’m sure a foot plus below the surface there is still adequate moisture since we are still running a surplus of 6 inches this year in Louisville (coming off last year’s record wet year).

        This is the exact same pattern we experienced during the horrendous drought of 1999. Fortunately this year, the ridge of death set in 2 months later than in 1999.

  7. Troy says:

    We may not be officially in a drought (yet) but we are definitely experiencing drought like conditions

    • Prelude says:

      If you go by the drought monitor some areas in Kentucky are in mild to moderate drought conditions. I know there’s a debate about the drought conditions. Me personally yes things are very dry should it be considered a drought? I’m not sure I can see both sides of that discussion.

  8. Cold-Rain says:

    Here thunder and see lightning but no rain..Woe is me..Garden is toast..Oh well..

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