Feeling A Bit Better For A Few Days

Good Thursday, folks. A little cooler air continues to slowly take control of the pattern as we roll into the final few days of the week. “Cooler” is the word… Not cool. Temps recover heading into the weekend as we begin to focus on a cold front working our way from the west. This front should bring the best chance of rain in roughly a month.

Let’s begin with today then roll forward. A few low-level clouds will be noted across areas of central and eastern Kentucky. I can’t rule out a stray shower or storm going up, but I wouldn’t be betting the farm on it. Here’s regional radar in case you lose the farm…

Temps today may not make it out of the 70s for areas keeping clouds into the afternoon. For those who don’t…80-85 likely shows up.

Friday looks similar with a mix of sun and clouds and pleasant temps. There is still a tiny chance for a stray shower going up. Overall, Friday looks like a pretty nice weather day.

Hurricane Humberto continues to churn toward the open Atlantic and will have zero direct impact on the US. What’s left of Imelda continues to drench parts of east Texas and Louisiana.

Jerry should become a hurricane today as it works toward the Caribbean through the weekend…

cone graphic

This storm is likely to curve and take a similar track to Humberto, but the transition between the two should allow for a couple of cold fronts to sweep into the region next week. The first arrives Monday with some showers and storms, with the other moving in around Wednesday. There’s pretty good model agreement on this scenario…




On paper, those two fronts should bring the best rain chance to our region in nearly a month. Those fronts should also mean temps could actually be seasonal for a few days.

Don’t get used to it because I firmly believe this warmer than normal setup carries us through early October.

Have a happy Thursday and take care.

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9 Responses to Feeling A Bit Better For A Few Days

  1. MarkLex says:

    Our hot water heater picked a good time to go out 2 days ago. You almost don’t even need it. But a new one is in now.

    • Schroeder says:

      My water heater went out and so did my air conditioning on Friday the 13th. I now have a new water heater and the air conditioning is back in service. Very high electric bill I had to pay over the last month due to the persistent heat wave which shows no signs of breaking down. Farms in our area are really suffering with the on going drought which like the temperatures shows no signs of any real relief.

  2. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    I am keeping my fingers cross.

  3. Russell says:

    Time to start doing rain dances LOL!

  4. Winterlover says:

    I’ll join you Russell. Lol

  5. Cameron Fry says:

    …and November, December as well I’m sure.

  6. Dave says:

    Saw where no rain by Sunday at the Jackson NWS will set the all time record there. 22 straight days without rain.

  7. Mike S says:

    At least 50 counties in Kentucky are under burn bans. Interestingly, a D1 drought is indicated by burn bans. So, even though the long-term Palmer Drought Severity Index will not show drought, this is just another example to show the here and now are more important than some impractical, sloth-like, and regionally irrelevant table such as the PDSI.

  8. AC says:

    Wake me up when September ends.

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