Big Changes Blow In Late Friday

Good Thursday, everyone. A powerful winter storm is blowing up across the Rockies and northern plains and this will drag a cold front across Kentucky on Friday. This will bring the coldest air of the young fall season into town and it could produce a little frost.

Temps out there today should hit the 70s in most areas with a mix of sun and clouds. If clouds are stubborn, then a repeat of what happened on Wednesday is possible.

Exact timing of the Friday cold front is still a bit in flux, but the boundary should enter western Kentucky during the afternoon then sweep eastward through Friday night. A line of showers and storm will accompany this system as winds gust to 30mph or so. This isn’t a lot of rain, but it adds to our already much above October…

This may very well impact some high school football games, especially across western and central Kentucky.

We’ve covered the major temp drop along and behind this front, but it’s still pretty awesome to watch play out…

Readings will likely drop into the 30s for Saturday and Sunday mornings for many areas. Frost will be possible Saturday night if the winds die down. The above run of the NAM is way down there for Sunday morning.

An even deeper trough then digs into the eastern half of the country for much of next week. This should have a potent storm system with it and it takes on an almost winter look …

I’ll  update things later today. Have a great day and take care.

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6 Responses to Big Changes Blow In Late Friday

  1. Andy Rose says:

    Maybe I will have an inch total of rain for the week still got time to get the average for the month

    • Terry says:

      0.20in on the month here in Harlan through the 10th! Pattern is changing…THANKFULLY. Terribly dry since early August here. I am living on less than 4 inches of rain TOTAL since July 31st and more than half of that feel during the last week of August. August was a little over an inch below normal while September I finally made it to 0.60in when it rained on the 30th! Good thing I received over a foot of rain back in February:)…LOL

  2. Mike S says:

    Like anybody really pays attention to this stuff, but a local Lexington media station reported on air on October 7 that Fayette county had lifted its 18 day burn ban. But according to Kentucky Division of Forestry, as of October 9, Fayette county is on the list of burn bans. Like I said though, people are going to do what they’re going to do.

  3. Virgil E says:

    Nothing extreme, nothing to fear monger about, nothing to get the rabble going. Just the normal fall weather. Perfect.

  4. Mike S says:

    Despite the record start to the month, through the first 9 days of this month, we are at 8.7 degrees above normal in Lexington and nearly 2.5″ rainfall.
    Last October, through the first 9 days, we were at 17 degrees above normal with nearly 4″ rainfall.

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