A Very Active Pattern Takes Shape

Good Monday, weather weenies. We are rolling into a brand spanking new week with some very nice weather. But, that’s not going to last very long as another storm system moves in over the next few days. This kicks off a very active setup, featuring several cold fronts, rounds of rain and colder than normal shots of air.

As we usually do, let’s begin with the precious present. It’s awesome. Ok, that about covers it. 🙂

Temps for Tuesday spike on a gusty southwesterly wind as clouds increase. Those clouds are ahead of a potent system diving in from the northwest. That system has a nice shot of cold air pushing it and this will pick up low pressure coming from the south, forming a big storm along the east coast.

This will bring showers and a few storms in here late Tuesday into Tuesday night then wraparound clouds, showers and very chilly air for Wednesday…

If low clouds and showers linger through Wednesday, temps may drop into the 40s and stay there for several areas. Watch the NAM temp drop on Wednesday…

Clearing skies will allow for another frost and light freeze by Thursday morning and Friday morning.

Temps will really warm this weekend as a case of Indian Summer settles in for a few. This is on a moist southwesterly flow that will be very active, likely sending a few big storm systems rolling our way into next week…

Above normal rainfall is likely over the next few weeks, as the cold air plunges in behind each passing storm system. I’m going to continue to watch the final week of October into the first week of November for the potential for an early season touch of winter weather in our region.

I will have another long-winded update later this evening, so check back. Make it a great day and take care.

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2 Responses to A Very Active Pattern Takes Shape

  1. Rickie H says:

    Chris ,I enjoy the information you share with us. Not to long at all.
    Have a great day everyone!

  2. MarkLex says:

    People are already starting fires in their fireplaces. The last two evenings I had my window fan on drawing in the cool air across the house and I had to stop the fan and shut the windows because of the smoke. The cool air felt so good I was amazed someone thought it was cold enough for a fire when the T stat showed around 70 in my house around that time.

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