Monday Evening Blowout

Good evening, folks. We are putting the wraps on another awesome weather day here in the bluegrass state, but changes are a brewin’. A potent system dives in here from the northwest late Tuesday, bringing an increase in showers and storms and a shot of cold behind it.

Temps ahead of this boundary should hit the 70s on Tuesday as winds gust from the southwest. Those gusty winds take us through Tuesday night and could reach 30mph at times. That’s when showers and thunderstorms roll across the state along with another big temp crash.

Those crashing temps will combine with a northwest wind and leftover clouds and showers to give us a very chilly Wednesday. Temps should have a tough time getting out of the 40s…

There’s even a wind chill showing up…

This will set the stage for another round of frost and light freeze come Thursday and Friday mornings.

The setup that follows this has a lot of action with it. It’s one that will be pretty mild for a bit as the predominant flow comes from the southwest. This is also a very moist flow with a couple of storm systems rolling our way from the west and southwest. There could even be something tropical trying to develop in the western Gulf of Mexico.

The European Model brings in the first round of showers and storms on Sunday…

The rest of this big storm system then shows up by Monday and Tuesday…

Here’s the GFS…

Much colder air then comes in behind that and this is something we have been targeting since back in September. Many of the analogs I outlined for you guys did have a distinct turn to colder than normal and even some winter weather in late October.

That’s exactly what the GFS keeps showing in some form or fashion. Here’s the latest run for late next week…

The Ensembles have really flipped to showing this deepening trough across the east over the next few weeks…



Interesting times are setting up! Make it a great evening and take care.

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4 Responses to Monday Evening Blowout

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Ready for real deal COLD!

  2. MarkLex says:

    Night # 3. Same Same Same! Can’t leave windows open because of smoke from fireplaces. Just as it starts feeling cool, start smelling smoke.

  3. TennMark says:

    We have yet to use the furnace, but almost had to early Sunday morning (Nashville’s low was 38). Did fire up the little bathroom heater, though.

    We made fair use of our whole house fan during the heat of September and early October. When it’s more of a dry heat, the fan makes it comfortable inside even it’s low 90s outside. The low dewpoint tends to allow for a rapid temperature drop at night thus the fan draws in nice cool air while giving the AC (and the electric bill) a break.

  4. Lindsey L. says:

    I’m so happy to see the fall weather–and we definitely need some good soaking rain. Fall is my favorite time of year.

    On another note, Coffeelady is my mom, and I wanted to give her fellow weather bloggers an update on her. Since Chris first mentioned her, she has had 4 more surgeries. She is currently still in Intensive Care, but she is improving everyday just a little bit, and there is talk of moving her into rehab this week. I am thankful for her family on here, and we are thankful for your thoughts and your prayers. I promise you, we certainly can feel them. Thank you CB for your good vibes, and of course your weather updates, too! Enjoy the fall weather! 🙂 I know I will!

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