Tracking Our Cold Front

Good evening, everyone. Our cold front is arriving from the west and is bringing a big increase in showers and thunderstorms and a big decrease in temps. This will then set the stage for some very chilly air for the next few days, with a bigger blast of cold lurking for next week.

This front has been well advertised here on KWC for the past week and it seems ti be behaving itself. Showers and storm are increasing from west to east and that’s the trend through tonight into early Wednesday. Here are your radars to follow along…

Winds will be very gusty and could top 40mph at times as the front blows through tonight. Temps behind this boundary will drop in a hurry and it’s flat out chilly on Wednesday. Morning showers should move away from the east and we may even see a bit of clearing before low clouds sweep back in on a strong northwesterly flow. That wind could keep some areas late afternoon temps in the upper 40s. That wind will also add an extra chill to the air.

Thursday and Friday mornings look cold with the potential for many to reach freezing or a little below, especially Friday morning.

The start of the weekend continues to look awesome with milder air pushing in on a southwesterly flow. That flow will also bring some showers and storms in here by Sunday as we get set for a bigger system Monday and Tuesday. Here’s the Euro for Sunday…

That’s when a strong plains storm rolls toward the Great Lakes and drags a cold front across the region. This could bring high winds and strong thunderstorms into Kentucky as it does so…

The air behind that is pretty darn cold and there’s a bigger blast of cold right behind that one. Here’s how the Euro sees that…

Many of the models continue to take on a winter look as we head toward the end of October. Obviously, this is still pretty far down the road, but the signal keeps showing up. The GFS has been advertising this for some time now…

One of the more interesting signals is from the European Ensembles. It shows deep troughs digging into the eastern half of the country through Halloween. The two week snow map shows a flake chance…

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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4 Responses to Tracking Our Cold Front

  1. Rickie H says:

    I appreciate your updates. It won’t be long until these mild days will all be cold. I’m excited for them.

  2. Lindsey L says:

    I’m so happy to see the fall weather–and we definitely need some good soaking rain. Fall is my favorite time of year.

    On another note, Coffeelady is my mom, and I wanted to give her fellow weather bloggers an update on her. Since Chris first mentioned her, she has had 4 more surgeries. She is currently still in Intensive Care, but she is improving everyday just a little bit, and there is talk of moving her into rehab this week. I am thankful for her family on here, and we are thankful for your thoughts and your prayers. I promise you, we certainly can feel them. Thank you CB for your good vibes, and of course your weather updates, too! Enjoy the fall weather! I know I will!

  3. Winterlover says:

    Hey Chris when is your winter outlook coming out. You usually give segments of it in two or three parts until ur official winter forecast.

  4. 540 line says:

    I am so very thankful that awful
    Heat and humidity is behind us!

    I felt like I was going to suffocate
    This past summer.

    It feels like air conditioning outside

    Thank you for all you do Chris Bailey!
    I have learned so much about WX on this site!

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