Thursday Evening Update

Good evening, folks. We are putting the wraps on a very nice fall day, but our weather pattern continues to look very active going forward. As we look ahead, we find a very potent cold front arriving early next week, with additional fronts to follow.

Temps later tonight will drop into the upper 20s and low 30s in several areas. That will lead to a light freeze, so take any precautions you need to take.

Friday into Saturday continue to look very, very good. Milder winds will be blowing as we watch a tropical system down in the Gulf. This heads toward the Florida Panhandle then toward the Carolinas. Here’s the latest from the National Hurricane Center…

cone graphic

That may throw a little rain into the eastern half of the state, especially the southeast, late Saturday into early Sunday…

Monday is an interesting day with a powerhouse of a cold front sweeping eastward across the state. This will bring high winds and the potential for strong storms…

Some very heavy rains will be associated with these storms, adding to our already above normal rains this fall.

Much colder air sweeps in behind this front, likely knocking highs back into the 50s for Tuesday.

Additional blasts of cold are setting up for the rest of the month and this pattern is likely to maintain itself deep into November. We’ve been talking about this for a long time now. Can we get an early taste of winter weather out of this setup? Yes.

Let’s focus on the system coming in late next week. The new Euro shows a potent storm becoming cutoff over top of us…

That air under that system shows up as cold enough to produce flakes…

Every pattern now agrees with this much colder than pattern. Even the often conservative Euro Ensembles show a series of deep troughs into the eastern part of the country through Halloween…

That’s a lot of cold, my friends.

Make it a great evening and take care.

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3 Responses to Thursday Evening Update

  1. Nathan says:

    Just seen where NOAA is predicting a warmer then average winter for most of North America. But also added that this winters forecast was hard and could see many changes. My take is that they don’t really have a clue what to predict.

    • MarkLex says:

      Yep, who knows. The other night just before the rain started they said rainfall amounts between a .10 and .25, and it ended up raining over an inch and this was AS the rain started falling.

  2. this winter neutral forecast pattern

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