A Halloween Touch of Winter

Good Thursday and Happy Halloween. It’s a wicked weather day shaping up with a massive temperature drop and the potential for the first snowflakes of the season. This is a setup that kicks off a very cold pattern as we roll into November.

Our day starts with heavy rain and even a thunderstorm or two across central and eastern Kentucky. Temps during this time are generally in the 60s across central and eastern Kentucky and dropping into the 30s in the west.

Those 30s sweep eastward quickly this afternoon and evening, making for one major temp crash. Winds will be gusty as a few showers continue. As the colder air moves in, it may spit out a few snowflakes across parts of the region. Not everyone will have a chance of seeing them, and this wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact it’s the first flakes and its happening on Halloween.

The Hi Res NAM continues to highlight some areas seeing passing flakes…

As temps drop into the 30s this afternoon and evening, gusty winds will make our wind chill numbers drop into the 20s. A few upper teen wind chills may even show up later tonight and early Friday morning. That’s when actual lows drop deep into the low and middle 20s…

Highs on Friday are in the 40s with a mostly sunny sky taking control.

Another cold front drops in here on Saturday and there’s a chance for a rain or snow shower across the north as it passes through. The models are seeing this a little better with each run…

Another front arrives around Election Day, with another system a few days later. That one may have a major shot of arctic air behind it.

I will have another update or two later today, so check back. Until then, here are your early day tracking toys…

Have a great and Happy Halloween. Take care.

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19 Responses to A Halloween Touch of Winter

  1. BH says:

    Where did those 90’s go? It will be awhile before we see those again. Winters just seems so long.

  2. AC says:

    Looks like Lexington may officially crack the 7″ mark for October by the end of the day.

  3. AC says:

    Just to reiterate, extreme eastern Kentucky (eastern Pike County only) is in a slight risk for severe weather, just prior to the cold front crossing through our area. A moderate severe weather outbreak will likely occur today in Virginia and points north.

  4. Mike S says:

    Good day for chili with habanero peppers topped with sour cream, Fritos chili cheese chips, shredded cheese, and cilantro.

  5. Winterlover says:

    Had a few flake flying here in far western,ky. CB when is your winter forecast coming out? Thanks for all you do and have a great day.

  6. Mike S says:

    At 43 degrees, just had a mix of wet snow flakes and rain (mostly rain) in a convective burst…only lasted a minute or two, here in Valley Station.

  7. Andy Rose says:

    I ended up with 1.21 inches of rain from this event it was within the predicted totals

  8. Mark says:

    Brief heavy snow / graupel showers in the Louisville area, mixed with rain at times. First official snowflakes of the season. Record heat to start October, snow to end it.

  9. Illinois Mike says:

    It’s a record-breaking cold, snowy Halloween here in the Chicago Metro area, with temps around freezing and a wind chill near 20 degrees.

    The snow is winding down, with 2 to 5 inches of heavy, wet snow covering the Chicago area.

    O’Hare Airport broke its daily snowfall record yesterday with 1.2 inches, and will shatter the daily snowfall record for today also.

    The computer models that Chris showed on KWC really nailed the snow here as far back as a week ago!

  10. Nathan says:

    Halloween snow here in south eastern Ohio….

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