A Cold November Pattern

Good Saturday, everybody. It’s the first weekend of November and our weather pattern continues to skew colder than normal and this looks to continue. As a matter of fact, we have some pretty hefty shots of cold on the way through the middle of the month, at least. With the cold blasts lined up, this ups the ante on some more early season winter weather.

Let’s start with our Saturday and move it along from there. A weak cold front is dropping in today, but it’s really starved for moisture. Temps ahead of this will spike a bit into the 50s, but quickly drop as the front moves through. Winds will be gusty and there is the smallest risk for a shower along the front. There’s also a small threat for a tiny rain or snow shower getting close to northern Kentucky this evening.

Here’s regional radar to kill a little space…

The next front moves our way by Election Day, but it never quite makes it through here. That sets the stage for a late week cold shot that moves in here and may produce some rain and snow as it does so…

This is likely a pretty cold month overall and the various ensembles have been showing this well. Now, the operational models are sniffing this out. Look at this run of the GFS temp anomalies…

Goodness, that’s a lot of cold for a lot of people this early in the season.

I will have another update later today so check back. Make it a  great day and take care.

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  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Upper 20s in Richmond this morning, pretty much as forecast.

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