Sunday Evening Look Ahead

Good evening, folks. It’s been one fine, but chilly, first weekend of November across the Commonwealth. As we head into the first full week of the month, our pattern is looking active with several cold fronts on the way. These fronts may also bring the potential for, at least, some winter weather.

Let’s take these systems one at a time. The first front is slated to arrive Monday night into early on Election Day. This should bring a small line of showers into parts of the state…

Temps on Tuesday will be a little chillier because of some clouds and showers around. It’s not going to rain all day, so no excuse to not go vote!!!

Temps do rebound on Wednesday, but our Thursday modified arctic system comes rolling in here. The models are still struggling with specifics and some (sup, GFS?) are just lost.

This system should bring rain in here on Thursday with the potential to end this as a little rain and snow Thursday night, with a few flurries into Friday. The Canadian continues to be most consistent…

The Euro has waffled a bit with intensity, but still has the same theme…

The temps on the Canadian are coldest, but the Euro isn’t too far behind. Watch this drop and notice how Friday stays in the 30s for highs…

That would lead us into a very cold weekend, but things look to tun even colder early next week with a potential true shot of arctic air. This may also have a wave of low pressure along it, bringing a winter weather threat. Here’s how the Euro sees it now…

That would certainly be a nice first snowfall of the year… much earlier than normal. This is what the GFS has been showing for some time now and it still has something…

Here’s the Euro temp setup behind all that…

The wind chill forecast from the Euro…

The trend is all we are talking about with regards to the next few systems. Never look at any one particular model and take it verbatim, because that’s not what models are meant for.  We shall see what these systems have to offer, but the operational models are matching the setup from the Ensembles and some of my early analog years.

I will have a full update later tonight… Wait… Wasn’t this a full update? You people are so spoiled. 🙂

Have a great evening and take care.

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7 Responses to Sunday Evening Look Ahead

  1. Dottie says:

    But it was you that spoiled us Chris, and we appreciate it.

  2. WestKyGuy says:

    Than you Sir for all of your hard work.
    It is VERY appreciated.
    I am so looking forward for a snowy winter.
    Let’s make it happen!!
    Hope everyone is well.

  3. AC says:

    Thanks, Chris.

    Been scraping the frost away from the car, I’m guessing the snow isn’t too far behind.

  4. Nasdaq says:

    great to be tracking snow chances again.

  5. Matt says:

    Ahh yes, right on cue the models already showing fantasy snow..

  6. MarkLex says:

    I’ve been watching grand solar minimum videos on Youtube. Anyway, I don’t EVER remember snow (accumulating snows, that is) at least anything memorable (before Thanksgiving) since moving here in late ’96. I know there have been flakes flying and cold days very early in the year, but nothing that stands out in my mind as actual snow on the ground (this early). So if there are accumulating snows, it will be a first for me (this early) in my life. I think the earliest first snows I recall have been in December. Anyway – it will be interesting to see what happens.

  7. Donna says:

    Very happily spoiled…..I admit it.

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