More Thursday Thoughts

Good evening, everyone. Baby, it’s cold outside and it’s getting colder. This cold is the opening act to a much bigger shot of arctic air due in here early next week. That one is likely to be accompanied by, at least, some snow.

The short-term forecast remains unchanged, so there’s no deed to rehash it all.

My thoughts on early next week remain unchanged. We will have an arctic front dropping in here on Monday and will unleash near record breaking cold behind it. A wave of low pressure is likely to develop along the front and could very well bring a swath of snow across our region. The details are a long way from being known, so we continue to put this in the “watching the trends” category.

Let’s see how the late day model world is handling this…

The GFS found it again…

The European continues to see it…


Can we get our first light snowfall of the VERY young season? That’s certainly a possibility as we keep watching the trends.

A full blown update comes your way later tonight. Have a good one and take care.

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