Record Cold This Morning

Good afternoon, everyone. As expected, this morning was truly historic with the coldest numbers ever recorded for this early in the season. Many areas dropped deep into the single digits, with Henderson checking in with a whopping 2 degrees.

Check out the lows from the Kentucky Mesonet…

Temps go above freezing this afternoon with temps in the 40s on Thursday. As a big system develops to our southeast, chillier air returns by Friday into Saturday.

Here are the NAM numbers…

That system will be followed up by another system late this weekend and early next week. At the same time, another system digs into the Ohio Valley and could bring some rain and snow…



This isn’t a pattern for model lovers because the models are going to struggle with so much energy crossing the country.

I will have another update this evening. Until then. make it a good one and take care.

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5 Responses to Record Cold This Morning

  1. Cold-Rain says:

    Know this is later in Nov. but doubtful if we see anything like this in our lifetime..Way the pattern has changed you never know though..

    • AC says:

      That was probably a once in a 200 year storm.
      Unusual jet stream pattern and high pressure locations probably accounted for the low backing towards the NW.

    • Terry says:

      Dang, over a foot in our counties and near my birthday too but over 30 years before I was born:)

  2. Andy Rose says:

    Glad I got 40s a day early

  3. MarkLex says:

    Blueg-r-a-s-s airport (low of 12)
    Lexington Mesonet (low of 13)
    Twilight Zone.
    Anyway, I think the record low for Lexington was 13, so that got broken barely.

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