Quiet and Chilly For A Few Days

Good Thursday, everyone. Compared to what we’ve been seeing of late, the pattern for the next few days looks pretty darn boring. It’s a quiet and seasonally cold setup that closes out the week and rolls into the coming weekend. Once into next week, things look to ramp up again.

Let’s begin with today and roll ahead. Highs will return to the 40s for many, but we are likely to see the north struggle to get much past 40.

Temps do come back down some for Friday and Saturday. Lows are deep into the 20s with highs ranging from the upper 30s to middle 40s across the state. Those numbers are still colder than we should be for the middle of November.

The setup for early next week continues to find a big storm system along the east coast and a series of disturbances dropping into our region. These may bring some rain and snow in here and the models are starting to pick up on this potential…



We need to watch for the potential for that energy to turn into something stronger as it dives in from the northwest.


A stronger looking system does look to move in here later next week, bringing another rain and winter weather threat…

I will have your usual updates later today. Have a great one and take care.

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3 Responses to Quiet and Chilly For A Few Days

  1. Jeff Irvin says:

    We haven’t had a system come through since our snow maker Monday night. I was just wondering why these systems are so far a part. The next one won’t be in here until next week. Is this do to a High Pressure system? Thanks, Jeff

  2. BubbaG says:

    Precipitation is usually out the area before cold enough to accumulate much snow if any. Wonder if a shot of a snow shoveling back breakers of four years ago? Im sure the mets don’t know, so I won’t pretend to.

  3. Mike S says:

    I’m sure things will change, but the WPC has no measurable precipitation for Kentucky through the early morning hours of the 21st next Thursday.
    Drought Monitor map continues to improve, nearly freckle free, just a hint of dryness across the eastern part of the state.
    Paducah 5th snowiest Autumn (1.2″)

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