The Action Picks Up Next Week

Good Friday, everyone. We are ending one of the coldest November weeks you will ever find around here, complete with record snows and record cold temps. As we head into the weekend, things are looking much more tranquil. But, and there’s always a but in weather, things look to change next week.

Temps are seasonally chilly out there today and into Saturday. There’s likely to be quite the temp gradient setting up from north to south across the state, with the south milder. The Hi Res NAM shows what I’m talking about. Here’s the temp animation from 7am Saturday through 11pm Saturday…

As mentioned, the pattern next week continues to have an active look to it. The early week storm along the east coast won’t directly impact our weather, but it has a couple of very weak systems diving in behind it. A touch of rain or snow shower action will be possible out of that…

In the overall scheme of that, it’s not a big deal at all.

Another system will then work in here for the end of next week and that one could have more to work with…



I will have updates late today, so check back. Have a great Friday and take care.

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3 Responses to The Action Picks Up Next Week

  1. Mike S says:

    For Lexington, after today, the first 15 days of November 2019 will show they are colder than November 2014’s first 15 days. Remember, November 2014 was the 5th coldest November on record.
    However, 2014 did endure a stretch of brutally cold days for the 2nd half that was offset a little by a huge warm-up on the last day.
    So, it’s hard to say whether 2019 will finish as cold as 2014 but is still on track to make a top ten appearance, barring some absurd warm-up for the last few days of this month.

  2. BH says:

    No real cold showing up for a couple of weeks it looks like. I’ll take it.

  3. Andy Rose says:

    Looks like another 50 degree day today in my area. 🙂

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