Watching Your Weekend

Good afternoon, everyone. We have some dreary weather across the region and this rolls on into the weekend. Low pressure will roll across the state on Saturday, bringing more rain and the potential for a little bit of winter weather as it goes by.

In case you guys missed the winter forecast, the Kentucky Weather Podcast has the highlights and I talk about the whys behind the outlook. Give it a listen…

Rain will increase late tonight and Saturday and could be heavy at times. Winds will be gusty as temps drop behind the low pressure. There’s a decent chance for some snowflakes to show up behind the low. A few snow showers and flurries continue to show up best on the NAM fam…

The NAM Fam is even trying to put down a little slush…


Hi Res NAM

That’s a borderline setup, but one worth watching.

The early Thanksgiving system continues to be a bit of an issue, but there’s a new twist. A second system may throw rain in here into Wednesday night and Thanksgiving….

I’ll have another update this evening. Until then, I leave you with your regional radar to track the decrease in the afternoon action…

Make it a good one and take care.

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  1. Marsha says:

    Oh goody rain

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