Lots Of Action For Thanksgiving Week

Good Sunday, everyone. As a weak system pushes out of here early today, it’s time to turn our full attention to an action packed Thanksgiving week. We have 3 systems likely to impact our weather over the big holiday period and a couple of these will be potent. Buckle up for a wild ride that takes us into a very wintry looking setup.

Speaking of wintry, a band of snow is working out of eastern Kentucky early this morning. Some light slush will show up on elevated and grassy surfaces. Here’s regional radar…




After a fairly calm late Sunday into Monday, the action picks up quickly on Tuesday as storm number one moves from the plains toward the Great Lakes. That’s a monster of a storm that will drag a cold front across Kentucky, producing showers and thunderstorms to go along with gusty winds. The second system moves our way on Thanksgiving and could bring a few showers that may start out with something else. The GFS seems to be doing pretty good with both of these storms…

I mentioned the first storm is likely a big wind maker around here. The NAM is way up there with Tuesday night gusts…

The second system is mainly a shower maker, but some dry air in place could mean a touch of sleet at the onset. The GFS sees this in the west…

The rest of the Thanksgiving weekend looks to be very active and we could be talking about some issues developing. A major storm looks to develop and slowly move our way. Ahead of this, temps will spike on a strong southwesterly wind. This may put us in a severe weather risk next Saturday.  Once the storm goes by, a MAJOR temp crash takes place and we could be talking about a light snowfall a day or two later.

That storm introduces us to arctic air and more snow chances into the first week of December…

I will have updates later today, so y’all come back.

For those who may have missed the winter forecast, the Kentucky Weather Podcast has ya covered…

Make it a good one and take care.

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8 Responses to Lots Of Action For Thanksgiving Week

  1. Please make it shareable on Facebook! I always share your blog!

  2. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    Typical late Nov. forecast.

  3. Prelude says:

    Looks like another rainy week

  4. Schroeder says:

    0.50 inches of rain fell in my backyard yesterday. Southeast Ridge continues to hang tough keeping Winter weather well to our north and west. At lease those folks will have snow on the ground on Thanksgiving Day. Windy, warm and a chance of thunderstorms doesn’t put me in the Holiday spirit at all. I will watch some Holiday movies to keep my thoughts off this depressing weather pattern or maybe work on my indoor hobby. Always a way to tune out the weather. Have a quiet Sunday everyone.

  5. Bobt says:

    Rain train is back in town. I said enjoy the dry while you can back in October because it wouldn’t be long before the three or four rain days a week would be back.

    • Troy says:

      All of us in the southern tier counties knew this would be the case….that’s why I, for one, never once complained of the dry days.

  6. Bailey says:

    Enjoy the sunshine today and Monday!!

  7. Putz says:

    From what i’m seeing Chris is gonna love December, lol Get ready folks the December wild ride is gonna be a rough one! ( If i’m lucky i’ll get snow on my birthday! ) 🙂 Be safe everyone especially those traveling this Holiday season, Take it slow and you’ll arrive in one piece!

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