Saturday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. Flooding issues continue to plague many areas of the bluegrass state as a few more rounds of heavy rains roll through. This action ends late tonight and that’s when we turn our attention toward a Sunday night and Monday light snowfall.

If you live in a flood prone area, please continue to keep a very close eye on water levels through tonight. Here are your tracking tools to watch the additional rounds of heavy rain and a few thunderstorms…

Sunday is a windy day that starts with sun and fairly mild temps, but looks to end with crashing temps and rain and snow moving in from the northwest. Temps Sunday night and Monday will be around freezing or a little above, so our snow will be very wet, but it could come down pretty hard at times. Gusty winds will give the snow a bit of a plaster effect, too.

In terms of snowfall, this continues to look like widespread coatings to 2″. This may be streakier than our last snow, so there could be more variation in snow numbers. This is an advisory type snow event, even with a soaked ground and marginal temps. Snowfall rates can overcome all that, especially by rush hour Monday morning.

Let’s do our regular check of the forecast models…


Hi Res NAM


GFS Ensembles

Short Range Canadian through 1pm Monday



The Euro is against the rest of the model world, right now. But, you guys can see the streaky nature of the snows based on those maps.

I do expect flurries and a few snow showers to go through Monday evening across the east. Don’t underestimate the NW wind, my friends.

Looking farther down the road, a weak system drops in late Tuesday and early Wednesday. That can bring a few rain and snow showers in here, too. Behind that is a system that’s growing stronger on the models by Friday. This looks mainly like a rain maker, but we will need to see if this can phase a little sooner…

The setup for early the following week is piquing my interest as arctic air dives into the country with a southern stream storm system…

I’ll see you guys tonight with the full update. Make it a good one and take care.

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2 Responses to Saturday Evening Update

  1. Terry says:

    Bring it on! Wet snow equates to prettier scenery and less overall bad roads. I hope I overachieve. I also hope my other pals overachieve, especially Knox Co, Middlesboro and way up near Huntington, WV!

  2. Terry says:

    Closing in on 2 inches now. Crazy as it sounds, I should end November above average on rainfall for the month and was down over an inch just yesterday.

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